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Friday, March 1, 2019

Cinderella's Slippers! Proof a New Pair Can Change Your Life

I Love a good snowstorm!! Especially days that have a high wind on the Island and everything is shut down and we stay in our P'J's and slippers all day. 

I was inspired by our last storm to combine a cloud white yarn with a rose  and gold.  This latest colour combo celebrates our last snow storm. I make these in baby booties, kids & children even adult sizes.  What makes the cloud look? It is the super soft yarn that Bernat has introduced me to. I'm all about comfort these days so if your anything like I am, you will want a pair of these for everyone you know!

I'm a Grandmother who has spent precious time putting socks and slippers back onto little feet. When I designed these I made sure to make them stay on slippers or bed socks with a drawstring. 

Years ago I worked nursing elderly Among the many complaints I often heard. "The knots in the crochet hurt the bottom of my feet." 
So I designed this slipper with a Canadian made wool felt sole. I cut and punch the holes and crochet a slipper onto the soft warm sole.  My slippers found their way to many a seniors feet especially the ones with diabetes. Then I started hearing, "are these every cozy, warm, comfy, I don't take them off, I wear them to bed, oh they are great they don't hurt the bottom of my feet."

I love the comments on my slippers and they have become my best seller at farm markets, and events around the island as "Cinderella's Slippers.  If you are visiting Prince Edward Island this summer be sure to look me up at
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Proof a New Pair Can Change Your Life!

Cindy - for short
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