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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hammered Wire

Someone told me once a long time ago I was born with a hammer in hand.

I always thought it to be a parallel for something I'd done wrong, like the amount of stuff I broke so often.  

I have found a new use for that hammer. 
These days I've turned copper wire 16g into beautiful earrings.  
I'm part crow so I don't know how it is I can swing a hammer anyway.
These are so attractive and catch so much light.
I find they are almost too distracting when I'm talking to someone.
I know I couldn't concentrate on what someone was telling me if I was gawking at these.

I hammered and added mom and ink

Just love these they are so light to wear

Yes, you guessed it they also come with sea glass.
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Have a wonderful happy, shiny day
~00~ Grandma (aka Cindy)

Monday, April 10, 2017

Crochet Scrotum Holdums

Scrodum Holdums

A bachelor party or Bachelorette party would be a great place to offer one of these pouches stocked full of condoms. 
The Problem:
Men have a ball sac - it's a scrotum and its a problem. The most common problem with a scrotum is the location and the fact that men have to have them. As well as serving a purpose they have a tendency to be stuck to the side of your leg, they are uncomfortable when it is hot, cause painful chafing or the feeling of being scaled. If you are a man you know what I'm talking about, and face it they are not the kind of dudes you want to hang with daily. 
This is painful for both men and women for men it is physically painful and for women it is visually painful: the constant placement in public, pulling, poking, and adjustment all to find comfort. 
Can you relate to this?
  • Playing pocket pool
  • The no one will notice if I take this long step
  • The one leg shake
  • The half squat
  • The pelvic thrust
  • Just grab and adjust no matter who is watching
For about 7 weeks now I've become a vendor @charlottetownfleamarket where I make and take crochet slippers for men and women. I ventured out to the market to get a bit of social through the long Winter months. Not sure what would sell with this kind of influx of people, my product changed from week to week. I started out with Easter @TheBagLadyGifts, making cool gift bags - they didn't sell. Then I took crochet slippers but they were a slow sell. Then it came to me after people watching that there is a need for a purse, a bag, a holder yes! A Scrodum Holdum after watching painfully from 9am to 2pm at men adjusting, shaking, poking and drilling into their pockets all for the same result - to get their ball buddies peeled off the sides of their legs.

The Solution:
Scrodum Holdums were first visually designed after weeks of research and hours of people watching. They are to keep your boys happy at work or at play, but mostly when it is hot and you are out in public. I've crochet a design with breathable air holes, light fabric, soft for comfort and in a few different designs with a drawstring at the top that is laced through the top crochet making this an easy drawsac for closure.

Scrodum Holdums are versatile and have other uses:
  • A change purse
  • A party gift
  • A gift for him
  • A gag gift
  • A drawstring pouch to put things
  • A purse organizer for our wee little things
  • A dice bag for your games
  • A pocket money bag
  • A bachelorette Party Gift
  • A tea bag holder
  • A condom container
The Scrodum Holdums come in three (3) sizes (s) Tiniest Token, (m) Must be Medium, (l) Gentle Giant, and designs - Camo Rough and Ready, Blue Mean and Macho, and light Camo Stern and Firm. 

Rough and Ready

Mean and Macho

Stern and Firm

If you can't attend the @CharlottetownFleaMarket to purchase your Scrodum Holdums they can now be purchased on line @TheBagLadyGifts or from Etsy at MadeByGrandmasHands.
Thank you for stopping by and be sure to get your next gift in a unique way from The Bag Lady Gifts,

~00~ Grandma (aka Cindy) or Crafting