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Thursday, September 8, 2016

A bike hike into town

I want to Blog!

I've been away so long I think I've forgotten how,

I lost all my blog friends,

I've been so blog lonely lately and don't know where to start.



Let me start by saying, "I"m sorry". Sorry for staying away, and sorry for not just jumping on here to say, "hey, I've been busy with our tourism year and not had a chance to visit you or to blog."


Forgive me?

Nice, thank you!



I gave some time to exercise,contemplating and cobwebs. First thing was getting the cobwebs off my bike, second was contemplating how windy it really was, third thing was pushing past the wind and getting that all needed exercise. So I biked into Charlottetown, to Wendy's in fact for a favourite of mine, come bike wiht me.

The day wonderful,

the salad was the apple, pecan with roasted chicken, oh magnificent,

and then a stop at the grocery store to pick up a little that always turns into a lot.

The ride home pushed past cow pastures and hay fields, the memory strikes me vividly - I was looking down at the pee gravel path when the strong smell of fresh cut field caught my attention. The sun was jumping through the hedge row that lined both sides of the Confederation Trail and I came to a short small clearing pointing to where the fresh hay smell came from. Just as I cleared the hedge row a box on the back of a tractor pooped out a large bail, giggling over the ordeal as I thought of #6 grand-daughter and how she finds humour in everything. I pushed on past, realizing although the trail was a safer ride it was 4 klm longer than If I'd rode from town on the highway.

Home with the groceries.

The Asian pears were on sale but heavy for the ride.

Hummus on the bottom of the pile and pita to the right. The back is everything bagels - two only because I had to buy to get the sale price and herb cream cheese to go with.

Nice fruit, very watery, not so sweet but gritty. Hubby likes them and they were on sale. I tried to imagine these heavy things growing on a tree and my imagination saw them all falling to the ground.

Thank you for stopping by,

If you have come this far leave me a short note so I can return the visit and start my routine back up again.

Take care,

We care,







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annmarie said...

Good to hear from you - I always enjoy you're posts. Nice bike ride!

Guy said...

Great Bike ride. The first this year - how tragic. My legs still remember the trip back but the pears were scrumptious.