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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Etsy Marketing & Sales

We the Artisans and Etsy marketers try to break the trend of going from zero sales to the first sale.
Finding the niche and market for our on-line goods is hard.

Etsy shop owners like seaglassing are out there but they compete with a bazillion other artisans with the same product idea. How do we stand out? how can we be unique? How do we get sales? Do we have a select market and direct product just there? Who has the answers?

We have a product, we craft for all different reasons, and we run out of family to give these gifts away to. We are mothers, crafters, taxi drivers, nurses, time stretchers, and yet we all want to polinate like a Bee turning the pollen into rich honey. Everyone says we are amazing, "oh you should sell these" This is beautiful! But does anyodne buy it?

I've had a booth at events and it is hard as an artisan to hear someone say, "Martha, you got buckets of sea glass? look you could do that! It can't be that hard."

Come on people we artisans are struggling, don't insult us while we struggle, at the very least walk away and say these sort of things. Live market is one thing.
Selling on line is another thing.
I have an etsy shop, part of marketing is where I put the link right here right now. Not for you to buy, but just for you to visit, visitors get other visitors. Do you know having a Pinterest account and following other on Pinterest, and following sellers on Etsy is a good way to get noticed? I blog as well. I know, I don't blog much in the summer as life is hectic but I love taking pictures of my product but most of all I love to get comments on the pictures.
Do you have a story to tell. People love to hear how you started, what you do and why, maybe someone about the product you use.
Ghost Bead Bracelets
The photo below is a product I made special order off my seaglassing shop. A Grandmother asked me to make a special order for her grand-daughter who lost her bracelet awhile back and is so upset. That might be the story although true, I created this for her and it sells for $3.75.
But the story is the Ghost Beads,
The wee brown ones.
These are juniper berries off a cedar tree. They fall to the ground, ants nibble off the end and eat the centre. Artisans collect and drill out the other end making them into a bead. Why? Well it is a Navaho tradition that women years ago made these ghost bead necklaces for children to wear or hang over a baby crib if the child had bad dreams and nightmares. These beaded items connect the earth, the trees, the animals and humans. The Ghost Bead brings peace, harmony, safety and protection to the person wearing them.

Putting product on facebook gets comments. Will it generate sales, not likely but it does generate traffic if you post a link to your etsy account at the same time, oppps there is that sales pitch again, nice how I just stick this in.
They say a person has to read or hear a name 7 times before they start to actually show trust and acknowledgement that they know this person or business, 7 times so that means I have to post a link to my seaglassing etsy shop another one more time before you might come for a visit, lol.

If I can share anything I know.
Print business cards and pass them out to everyone who sees or comments on your products, wear your own making, talk it up. After all it is a great product or you wouldn't take the time to make it.
Share your etsy name with me so I can visit soon.
Bye for now,


Cache-Mire said...

Cindy, your seaglass creations are lovely! We visited PEI a few years back and I fell in love. Quite a contrast from my Florida home. We hope to return and spend more time there, perhaps hunting sea glass!

Guy said...

Struggling artists agree. When making art or crafts, it is hard to recover the cost of materials, and if you are lucky, $1 an hour for the time required to make those wonderful creations.

It hurts when you hear people say under their breath "I can make that if I just take a picture of it". We need to reach into our pocketbooks and encourage artisans to keep on maiing beautiful creations.