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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Bazaar Truth Behind Crochet Slippers

Once you start crocheting them you can't stop!

Our road trip was 49 days, and we went to some wonderful places that I never blogged about because

I was making slippers on the road.

I call it Road Work,

So here is a glimpse of my

Baby Booties





Lady Slippers


These are great for anyone who is



and has problems with cold feet.


Even Men's Slippers


Do you or someone you know need warm feet?

Order slippers MadeByGrandmasHands on Etsy.

Slippers, Hats, Mitts

My favourite is "Pussy'N Boots" hat and mitts set.

Have you ever visited a new mom and baby in the hospital and wondered what to take her for a gift? Ya, me too.

Well I've made this simple with

"Mom & Me" Slippers

These come in all colours

Pick your size S, M, L and newborn 0-3 months and colour and email me @ and I'll be sure to fill your need a gift plan.

Oh and if you are shopping local and are picking up on PEI, contact me so you don't have to pay shipping charges.

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