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Friday, February 5, 2016

What to do with all your feed bags

You'll know I'm visiting NC from Prince Edward Island, right?

Ya, well I'm not home but this feels like home as it is my daughter's place and we head down here once a year to visit all the brute. That is the 8 children and 58 Chicklen's she has.

Yesterday Grandpa and I took up some noodle leftovers of the kids and watched Chicken TV.
Chicken TV

A large container with lid in the carport holds layer ration. Around this container are empty bags of feed. What to do with all these feed bags was my first thought. My second thought was to sew up a tot bag. Days ago I was at a consignement store and picked up what appeared to be an insert for Thirty-One bag You can find Thirty-One Bags from Victoria MacLeod as she sells 31 Pockets both inside and out, wow this will do for my daily craft jobs. However it didn't have a handle on it, hum. I'll take it anyway and think of something later, was my thought. So when I saw how cute these feed bags were I made a carry all for my junk.

Feed Bag Tot

Notice how the "Wise' is top and centre?


I love this little hen on the side.

This is the insert


Yes, I know it has something like 9 pockets on the outside and another 8 on the inside but I was so excited it fit I just tossed everything in to get the picture. Now I need to work on being organized before Margie from the Joy of Organizing will be knocking on my door. If you need help with organizing anything she is a great person to work with.

Until I return, God bless take care,