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Friday, January 22, 2016

Itchy arms and I scratch until it bleeds

(Graffic pictures ahead)

I have visiting doctor's over the years. My family doctor has prescribed a number of things for me to try even had the pharmacy mix old remidies to try to releave this itch. I've been to two dermitologists, had a skin sample ( didn't get any results ) was given a prescription to try. Sometimes I have been places where a doctor has said to me outloud, "you have old people's skin, you are too young to have that." I've looked after elderly people, seen this and have no idea what it is.

I can wake up in the morning and my pillows and sheets have blood on them from where I've scratched myself until it bleeds. I feel like a cat with scotch tape stuck to it's paws, as I spend countless hours through the day being careful not to touch the area, as soon as it is touched it reacts by getting itchy just as new hair growth makes you itchy if you shave your privates.

My daughter tries to help she is anaesthician, she has been waxing my arms for years. I get relief when there is no hair on my arms. I can feel the hair grow, I feel it move, I feel it tingle.

My other daughter puts ice on my arm, while I get some together time as she rubs a piece of ice back and forth it seems to be the only thing that gives me relief however it isn't long lived.

It isn't a rash, it is blood that has surfaced the skin just from itching. It doesn't blister like chicken pox however I carry the virus and have had shingles twice now and been sucessfully treated. I've had allergy testing done and shows I'm allergic to dust. It is also on a few other areas of my leg and back but not as bad. My arms are the worst.

I'm going through a bought of this now, however seems I'm never fully realived of it. just gets milder sometimes.

The itchy areas will actually rise up.




Here are somethings I've tried

I get relief from allergy meds as I have a very low tolerance to medication and it puts me to sleep, ei - giving me realief. This blue star seems to be the same as vick's. The betaderm is prescribed for red irittation of the scalp that I get also very itchy, and it has a lot of alcohol in it and well you can guess. The other is a prescribed antibiotic that I use and it doesn't take the itch away however it will kill germs and keep away an infection. I have found I get relief from ice or a glass of wine. This leads me to believe it isn't in my head as the nerve endings stop tingling and I get some temporary relief.

I have now moved to another source of treatment as I've left Canada and I'm visiting my daughter in North Carolina and a visit to a doctor here might be pointless as well very costly.

This is horse lineament and ointment.


I'm about to try this. I know it is for horses, dogs & cats. I'm aware of the first aid lables, the dangers and have read the active ingredients. I'm at my witts end, or my scratching end.


The scratching seems to consume great parts of my day and concentration keeping me from doing things I'd like to be doing or enjoying.

signed itchy scratchy



LesleyAnn said...

Have your doctors mentioned cellulitis? It looks a little like that without much swelling. I hope you find relief.

Cindy said...

No they never mentioned but I will next time I see him. I'm going to look it up now.

eileeninmd said...

Oh wow, I am so sorry! I hope you find some relief. I are expecting a blizzard here, is there snow in North Carolina? Stay warm and safe! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

annmarie said...

Oh, you poor thing. Some thoughts: Calamine lotion, topical cortisone cream, oatmeal paste, soaking in Epsom salts. Hopefully you'll get more suggestions here. Hugs.

Janus Evelyn Wilson said...

So sorry you are plagued with such a problem. I hope you get relief soon.

Country Gal said...

Oh that looks sore and bothersome . I would ask if it is cellulitis and maybe get put on antibiotics or something to give you better relief and try wearing cotton gloves for a while to help let it heal when you go to bed . I do hope you find out what it is and can get it treated . Take care and hope you have a good weekend !

Pamela Gordon said...

Oh my. that looks so bad Cindy. I'm sorry you are suffering so much with this. Have you been tested for gluten allergy? I have a friend who broke out in blisters (looks like chicken pox) that itched like crazy and it was suspected she had a gluten intolerance so she is waiting to be tested. When she removed all gluten from her diet the rash and itching stopped. Something to consider for sure but I hope you find out what is causing this. Are you in the big storm's path? Have a safe and good weekend. Take Care.

Lynne said...

I wondered like Pam . . .
Gluten intolerant?
Also . . . do you run a humidifier in your home . . .
Maybe the dry, cold air is an added problem??
So sorry you are having this happen Cindy, it looks like you must be very uncomfortable
I hope you find some answers very soon.

lynn cockrell said...

You poor thing, Cindy! This looks very much like something I have had a couple of times in the summer when it was very hot. It pops out, blood red and blistery,on the lower back side of my calves. The first time I had it was at Walt Disney World and it popped out, just above my sock lines, where the sunlight was hitting the backs of my legs as I walked. I went to a pharmacy and the pharmacist was very familiar with it, as it was a very common sight for him. Sun poisoning, if you can believe that! Once you get it, it seems to come back again and again, particularly if sunscreen is not applied regularly during exposure to sun. The pharmacist recommended Cortizone.10, a 1% hydrocordizone cream. It worked like a charm and gave instant relief. My husband gets the same thing on his face above his upper lip and he uses the hydrocortizone cream too. We always carry it with us on trips and so my daughter used ours and it helped her immediately. If you have not tried hydrocordizone cream, it might be worth a try, since it is for many types of itchy rashes. I hope you will find relief very soon, Cindy!

lynn cockrell said...
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