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Monday, December 21, 2015

Kelly Green SeaGlass Pendant & Earrings Set

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(note to self - remember to upload blog after making it)

I've been making sets and listing them, this is a new wire weave I've been doing and I can watch tv and weave at the same time, took practice at first.

Ghost Beads
These are Juniper seeds that have fallen from the cedar/Juniper and ants come along and chew one end off the little bead and eat the inside. The seed then dries out and artisans pluk them up and drill the other end for beading. Now why Ghost Beads? Well Ghost Bead necklaces are a Navajo traditional bead that was worked with. The connection with the earth and trees and nature brings peace and harmoney and safety to the person wearing the necklace. The Navajo women would string these beads and give them to children to wear to protect them from evil spirits, ghosts and nightmares. I started making these for little Ana and within no time at all she told me the man that grabs her from under the bed was gone. However, I recieved a crying phone call the day she lost her necklace and didn't want to go to sleep until she found it. Grandma to the rescue I had a number of them made. So I thought why not post them for others.

Tea, got to have something to do with tea. Yes, drip catchers. The centre is elastic so it fits a 2-4 or 6 cup tea pot. I've been selling these for about 5 years now but just posted these to etsy.


Well I have Christmas piano music playing in the back ground and I'm hoping Victoria doesn't ask me to go to the dollar store with her as it is so busy in the stores right now, crazy. I try not to leave anything to the last minute because I don't like crowds. Yesterday Ana's concert for tap dance was starting soon, I was on time until Victoria phoned me and said, "Mom, I need you to go to the dollar store and get Ana a pair of black socks". She is the only one with pink socks on. When I got to the dollar store there was 3 cashes lined up to the back of the store. I feared I"d be late so I did somethng no one would think me to do. Yup, I walked up to the first one in line up and begged her to let me go next. Sure I explained about the concert and the pink socks and the frantic mom and the grumbling grandchild who couldn't go on stage without black socks. She was probably so anxious listening to me she let me go ahead. So I left the change from the $10 with the casheir and told her to apply it to the ladies bill, and ran out the door, probably embarrassed.

I got there on time, Ana got her black socks and I wish I had a picture of her for you, but it is coming,

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