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Sunday, December 6, 2015

1000 Pieces

I've been doing jig saw puzzles lately and this one could be a 1000 piece,


What do you think?

maybe only 500

We are starting our Winter wonderland, pretty

Pretty early is all.

I love watching the snow slide off our tin barn roof. I can hear it plump the ground from my morning spot.

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this ends my blog post and for now on I'm going to write a spoiler in point form just so I have a count of what I've been up to. Yours to read but it might be boring, it sure is one thing, realieving to just not have to put together an amazing blog post and just keep it simple.


I'm still upset that my computer died.

More upset that my father-in-law is in a wheel chair over just falling in the backyard.

Deciding to blog is easy, returning has been hard, so I'm posting short content from now on.

I've never been one to be depressed, so i'm chalking this up to anger, more over and get on.

We are replacing 5 windows in the older part of the house, 2 are finished.

The bathroom upstairs will be compleated Dec 16th, I called someone in, I can't help guy with this stuff.

A trip to the emergency room yesterday to find out I have bursitis in the jaw, never figured on that.

I got my paperwork finished yesterday for the business next year, I had to re-due all reservation documents after the computer crash and I lost everything. I find a surprise each day I go looking for something.

I did a backup yesterday - learned my lesson but having a deal working off a laptop - refusing to spend another cent on a computer that will just let me down. They only last 2 years with me, what a waist.

Christmas tree up, all the macaroni, popcorn, popsicle stick ornaments the kids made through the years are in the garbage and I finally have a real tree with real beautiful ornaments. Not that the kids ornaments weren't beautiful they were also tacky. I love my blue and silver tree, found everything on sale last year after Christmas when down South at Jennifer's for a visit and I think the tree and ornaments and everything was all 70 to 90% off and did I get a car full.

end of spoiler.



Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

You sure do have a winter wonderland down east, those photos would make lovely greeting cards.

Janus Evelyn Wilson said...

I envy you your snow right now. It looks like Ottawa will have a green Christmas and I hate that. Your tree is lovely. Sorry your mood is off and you had to go to the hospital. I hope things improve for you.

Pamela Gordon said...

Hi Cindy. So nice to see your post and pretty snow photos. We got about 15 cm. here and it was gorgeous. Melted a lot today though. I'm sorry about all your woes lately and hope things cheer up for you soon. Your tree is beautiful! Great idea to pick up sales last year. Take care of yourself and try to enjoy the Christmas season. Blessings to you. Pam

Vee said...

Oh my, Cindy! You and I are limping along together in Blogdom. My computer died the end of last month. I am blessed to have an iPad and a lap-top that my daughter is loaning me. The leaning curve is pretty high. Same for you? I am sorry that your father-in-law took a tumble and is in a wheelchair. Life isn't always fair. Your gardens look so beautiful in the snow.

Sylvia said...

I love all the snow scenes. So beautiful. said...

What a beautiful weather you have there. We are waiting for snow but the weather is still like fall. Rainy and windy.