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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Autumn & Fall Changes

This is the time of year I get back at it.  Yes, tourist season is over, the guests have gone home our B&B and Tea Room is quiet and now it is time for change.  This is when I move furniture around the house, then move it back.  I pull over-sized plants from the garden and have my French Gardener put them back in another location.  And I get busy building stock, web sites, and just making the changes that need to be done for next year, oh and I get back to blogging, something I've missed so much.  

Change #1
I down-sized the gift shop area excluding a lot of scrapbooking items so I changed my etsy account from ScrapandWrap to Seaglassing - and started listing items in my shop.

You know what happens when you change the carpet?  Yup the curtains don't match so you have to buy new ones.

Change #2
So I'm also giving up and built a new site at
I like the simple clean organized look of this site
I used the KISS rule, here.

Change #3 
Hasn't happened yet but I'm working on it.

I plan to go for a drive soon and take driveway pictures so I'm positive to have a few Autumn and pumpkin pictures to share with you.  Here on the Island folks like to decorate the end of the driveway with all kinds of items making a reason to stop and take a picture. 

I'm sticking to the, "less is more rule" for now, 
so I'm glad you stopped by and I'll do my best to have some eye candy next time.
Bye for now,