Some wee little things in Grandma's Afternoons

Friday, September 11, 2015

Homemade & Handmade

I'll not say, "I'm back to blogging," just in case it is weeks before you hear from me again. However I sure have missed blogging and all of you.


These past weeks I've had the opportunity to discover the true meaning of "Handmade"

Everything at Grandma's Tea Room is Homemade however not always made by hand. My Kitchen Aid left me in a lurch and so therefore I've had to experience handmade.


It should be back together soon with a new gear and a spare on order.

This means my homemade scones for two weeks have been also handmade, as well everything I baked for the Queen Street Farmers Market the cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, rolls, bread and pretzels have all been made by hand. You don't miss something until its gone, funny I should say that when my French Gardener is out of town this week leaving me high and dry as my kitchen aid did. I miss them both, not equally but both.

back to the bowl and roller



I almost had forgotten what dough felt like.


A special request for these pickled eggs for the farmer's market this sunday is finished


I was able to get around to a few blogs to find out Sandi from Rose Chinz Cottage hosted our little tea room on her lovely blog Tea Time Tuesday, thank you Sandi. I had a nice visit and next visit I'll have you for my famous scones, I promise.


So I'm trying to keep the KISS method and perhaps I'll be back more often If I just "Keep It Simple Sweetie" so I'll say good-bye for now.