Some wee little things in Grandma's Afternoons

Saturday, May 30, 2015

After the Rain

Hi my friends! I know I haven't been great at getting around to ya'll lately but I think of you each and every day. In between those hours I have been roasting coffee, pulling weeds, printing menus and watching my rhubarb grow. Yes, I'm all out of rhubarb chutney and rhubarb juice I'll have to share those recipes, you'll love them.


Ok, so the coffee -- The French Gardener and I received this larger than life box at the post office and got home to open it up and found there were 30 pounds of 6 varieties of coffee from Rwanda of various different washing stations - growing altitudes - soils and average temperatures. These are Fair Trade beans, rare & ethically-sourced coffee and as I sit the beans are still de-gassing and popping in front of me.


This morning I made a fresh ground coffee and headed out to walk about my garden. Amazed at how fast things are growing and popping out of the ground. I stood by the pond and noticed something rather unusual - last night we had a spraying of rain and although the walkway was just damp the air was magnificient. It forced me to deep breath and just caught me in one of those Aha moments where you don't hear a thing around you - the air smelled like fresh cut watermellon and new rubber boots and I couldn't get enough of it. I refilled my coffee and headed back out to take a few pictures to show you some of the aha moment.

The clematis is coming along nicely

The magnolia is almost done dropping her pettals but that big ole propane tank still haunts me, lol

Perfect fence for a paint brush while the solomon seal looks on

II've been working at getting green between the rocks and looks like this year it worked

Only a couple of the fairy gardens are out but so are the checkered tulips behind


Excuse the barn door it just seems to always be open. I made a garden planter for my purple wave petunias and the French gardener drilled larger holes for the wave and smaller ones and I put new strawberry plants in those


The pond got her spring cleaning - we won't go there it is a messy smelly job

Asparagus is weeded and growing up nicely. I have 5 coming to Grandma's Tea Room today for Afternoon Tea and they requested a Vegetarian Tea, so fresh asparagus rolled around garden herb cream cheese is on the menu


Speaking of the menu - got that done and also the placemats , this year they are peach and I've added 8 new recipies to the placemat and printed some nice recipe cards to sit on the table. Our tea sniffing bar has three new tea varieties

Sticky buns were also part of my week as Victoria needed to take a treat to the girls at the doctor's office.


Well I should get a move on. After my tea, I might have a couple of hours to play in my mini fairy gardens.

Bye for now,
















Thursday, May 21, 2015

Real Key Lime Pie

I miss the times I visited Key West. On just about every street corner was a bakery, cafe, or Key Lime Pie specialty dessert and coffee shop. I have been trying to get the real key lime pie flavoured pie ever since I visited back in 2003. I guess it is time to revisit or just settle for my key lime pie.

Graham Wafer Crust


Graham Cracker Crust

I use the whole crackers so you will need to crush 16 of them

1/2 cup of butter

3 Tbs of brown sugar

I heat the butter and brown sugar in a pot on the stove then add the crumbs and spread into a pie plate.



The Key Lime

4 egg yolks

14 oz can Sweetened Condensed Milk

1/2 cup fresh squeezed Key Limes

2 tsp green zest from the lime

1/2 tsp vanilla


If you use limes call it a lime pie, however if you use the itty bitty limes those wee little bitties are key limes and really you can't call your pie a key lime pie unless you use them, otherwise you'd just have a lime pie.

Juicing key limes can be challenging - that is when a husband who is always handy the computer comes into your rescue. He strolls into the kitchen and say's, "Looks like that is an almost impossible job!" Me, "you're not kidding." husband, "look why don't you try using your garlic press it might work." Me, "the key limes are to big for that." husband, "I'll cut them into four and you try it." IT WORKS!




Putting it all together

1. With mixer beat the egg yolks on medium speed until they are thick (don't over mix)

2. Add the sweetened condensed milk and beat until incorporated, add 1/2 of the lime juice and zest until all blended, then add the rest of the juice and continue to mix until blended.

3. Pour the pudding into your cooled pie shell (that was pre-baked for 12 minutes at 350)

4. Bake 350 for 12 more minutes until the egg yolks set and thicken.

5. Remove from oven, cool then refrigerate for about 2 hours until set.

I don't like to waste, so those 4 egg whites got whipped up and I added 3/4 c of sugar gradully and then 1/4 tsp of cream of tartar and made a meringue for the top. You could use whipped cream or leave just the key lime pie as is to enjoy as it is traditionally served. I guess I could have made some meringue cookies, but was feeling topless so added it to the pie instead.

I sprinkle white sugar on top and it crystalizes just nice

Here is the pie just out of the oven, the house smells of key limes



There you have it, Grandma's Key Lime Pie Recipe.

I like to make little tarts and add the key lime pudding into the centre and put these itty bitties in the tea room on a three tiered tray because they look so inviting and looks like I've been working for hours to juice these little bitty key limes and the compliments wow!