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Friday, April 17, 2015

Add A Little Spice To Your Life

I can't imagine what all has kept me away from blogging and the computer for so long but I'm sneaking my way back slowly.
Lets see it would have been somewhere around January 12th when I returned home from our drive across Canada and I just fell into a rut you can say. Oh, I thought about blogging daily but then found other things to do to keep me business is all. Don't get me wrong, I love blogging and I sure do miss all my blog world friends and probably have lost a great deal of you by now. Truth is, this drive across Canada although a world experience it was caused a great deal of the width in my behind and to sit in front of the computer when I got home and start it all over again...sitting that is - just worried me into anxiety. I got a lot done while I left the computer off I sure did. Worked in the shop most days building product for the Island Made Gift Shop here in PEI, I also checked into about 20 new recipes I would like to give a go at the Farmer's Market on Queen street this year. I helped clean out the garage and tackle yet another one of those ideas I had, this time it is a summer kitchen. As well I subscribed to the food network and while I was busy in the kitchen I had something to listen to these long days waiting for the snow to melt.
The snow isn't melting fast enough for me so I went to town anyway yesterday with good reason this time. I have two lovely children here on the Island with me who have a tendancy to borrow small bits of things here and there and well they think I'll not miss them, but I do. One thing I miss most often and it drives me crazy is spices and bake ware. We won't go one about the bake ware just in case they are watching and remember I hid them and that is why I had to replace them.
Everyone ventures to the dollar store and purchases these glass bottles with white lids on them 3/$1 and why not it is a good deal.

If you look closely my spice bottles say, "Grandma's Kitchen"

It is for good reason these have my name on them....see I keep finding them over at my son's place or at my daughter's house. Yes, I've been told I keep jolly karting my spices over when I visit each time, but I can't remember the last time I packed the dog and my spices to head over for a visit.- sure!

Nevertheless, look at what I found!

Don't these look just like something your grandmother would have?

Cute little jars with red gingham bows all tied up around the top.

Guess where? You guessed the dollar store. These are jam jars and they come 4 to a package for $2.50 and they fit 4 across my pantry door. They don't come with a shaker, but I'm a pincher when it comes to spices not a shaker. Now, these cute little bitty ones on top have three different sized shaker holes and they come 2 to a pack and are $1.25. I got out my return address labels and printed labels and put them on the top and the sides of the jars.

This was a big job, took me all of the morning and into a half an hour of my lunch to get this job done but it sure does feel good knowing it is done. I think these are just too cute to walk away, don't you?

Oh, look! I even made room for a few more if need be.

My pantry was full of baggies and packages as well as the 3.1$ jars

Now that I have the spice in my life organized I'd better get on inside the pantry and organize because it looks like I put the groceries away with a snowblower the last time I returned home from the grocery store.

Maybe I'll leave that for another day, I've done enough already.
When you have a number of jobs pressing on you the best thing is to pick the hardest one and get it done first, makes for a big smile on your face and the other things that seemed they were big tasks get smaller as well as the list of things to do.
Enjoy your weekend my friends and sorry I've been away this long.


Amy at love made my home said...

Lovely to hear from you! I hope that your spices now stay in their rightful place in your kitchen!!! xx

Country Gal said...

Good to have you back ! WOW ! that is some pantry . I do like all the little jars ! You have been busy . The weather here is like summer already not a stitch of snow left anywhere in the area and with sun shine and warm temps in the high teens and the odd day over 20C I am almost done all my gardens and yard clean up .We even have the odd butterfly passing through and I saw bees yesterday . Thanks for sharing . again good to have ya back in blog land ! Have a good weekend !

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Good to see you back in bogland. I got some of those little spice jars too and had fun filling them. Now i need to find better labels as the ones I used aren't that sticky.

Lynne said...

Happy to see you back!
I am going to check out our dollar around here to see if I can find some of those little jars. Great idea!

Janus Evelyn Wilson said...

Welcome back. You add spice to my life with all your tales. I do love the little jam jars.

Pamela Gordon said...

Hi Cindy and welcome back to blogging! I understand about the butt spread. Wow. I've put on a lot the past year from sitting too much too. It's good to see you back here though. What a cute idea this jars are. You gotta love the Dollar store. Pam