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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fort Bragg California Here I Come!

Hello my arm chair travellers.

Have I got an amazing day lined up for you today. First off, pack a lunch because we are about to go deep.

(Fort Bragg - end of post)

We'll start off


as we usually do, early morning, raining but the sun it trying it's damnest hardest to shine through.

The coast is pretty and perhaps we are going to get a lot more rain than the windsheild whippers want to keep up too.

California is sort of looking like the coast of Oregon, pretty isn't it?

We take one of those pull-ups (sounds like diapers) pull overs and right there beside the parking lot is a sunken ship. I had to take the picture through the window as by now it is raining so hard.

Looks like it is going to be a rough day ahead

Look we found a little clear sky just in time for a picture of all these oyster shells. As we drive along we see backyards full of shells



Next stop

Beach art!

Ya, a business thriving on bring me beach junk and I'll make it into art. Have a look crazy, I took some photos of the yard but i'd rather share the beach bird, it is pretty.


Move over, beach art

Large is coming through

Largest Cypress in the world,

in case you don't believe me

I put Guy up along it somewhere.

Now this tree was just fun, you know I like to take pictures of trees by now


Fun, you want fun,

These guys were singing Amazing Grace on the dock, what a hoot.

Our next stop Arch Rock

looks like I can get out of the car for this picture it has stopped raining again.

Trees, Trees, Trees, Trees

Another big tree, the road was built around this one

Hell they built the house in this one

This one needed to be widdled so the cars could drive through.

Wait! don't leave me now

not when we finally made it to

Fort Bragg, Glass Beach

This is me making a seaglass angel, oh joy. The rain is pounded down on my face as I'm singing my seaglass song.

Just a handful

A foot full

Mounds of it everywhere

And some rock.

That was an amazing day wasn't it? I'm so glad you could come along. I was having doubts about the day after the rough night we had last night.

We took up in a camping spot and settled in with another wrong choice movie. We were both asleep by 10pm and by 12:30 a car horn continued to sound, honk, honk, honk another 40 times. Then it stopped and I managed to get back to sleep about an hour later. By 4:10 the horn is going again, Guy figures the guy has his alarm set on the car and rolled over and set it off. This time he was better at finding his keys and had the horn stopped after 8 blows. Then our alarm sounded at 10 to 7 this morning. What is with this? I'm on holidays why do I have an alarm set?

I'm off to bed, we have pulled over by the beach and with luck these waves won't come in too high. The crashing back and forth is rather soothing.

Bye for now, or at least until I get wifi again,





Amy at love made my home said...

Fantastic post Cindy!! That house in the tree is just amazing. I have seen some of the giant redwoods in Yosemite, but nothing like that!! The seaglass beach is amazing, how did you restrain yourself from scooping it all up and taking it on your travels with you!! xx

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Wow, huge trees and that beach glass is amazing.

Beth L. said...

Wow, what "fun" you are having. Actually even the not so fun moments add to the adventure. We once camped in a placrwherea train went by at least 4 times a night, and because there was an insection near by they blew their whistle. I am really enjoying your travel log.

That beach glass is amazing!!!!!

Pamela Gordon said...

I love the rocky coastline there. Amazing. And the huge trees are amazing too! And that sea glass?? Amazing!! I can't imagine seeing all that glass. I mean, how much did you pick to take with you?? Take care and drive safe. And sleep in one morning.

Janus Evelyn Wilson said...

I love trees too Cindy. The tree that had a house carved out of it is fantastic as is the one they whittled an overpass through. I really liked the beach art bird. Very pretty. And I couldn't believe all the sea glass on that beach. I can just see you going nuts collecting all the choicest pieces. I hope you got some uninterrupted sleep.

Lynne said...

Love that handful of Sea Glass . . . Look like you found some treasures!