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Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Last Nail

Hello My Arm Chair Followers,
It is still a cold morning as we make our way through the mountains towards Kamloops.

Love seeing thee sun on the mountain tops

What you are looking at is a tunnel made on the sides of the mountain. This tunnel prevents avalanches from blocking the roadway. If the avalanche has a path to travel then they don't have to continually close the roads.

Watch out!

Oh my gosh that was a close call, so lucky to get the photo. Talk about scary but exciting all at the same time. Ok, I want to head south where the scariest things are 8 grandchildren.

This is a photo of the damage an avalanche left in its path probably 25 years ago. You can see the trees have started to grow again and the timbers are all down at the bottom of the hill mountain.

I was over the moon excited to find an enchanted forest and could only think of Mary from "The Guardian" (our column writter for the Prince Edward Island news paper) and how she would love to visit here. So would I but they were closed.

The forests behind the gate were drenched in enchantment only a fairy enthusiasts would love.
The Castle that you have to enter before the forest.

Our next stop was "The Last Spike"
in Craigalachie, BC.
I thought there would be a gold spike or a BIG here but there wasn't.
What there was though was a train that went by on the tracks just as we were at the monument taking a picture, what are the odds of that?

Onto the valley and into the dark. Our adventures today were exhausting ones for sure. I missed my skype time with dad, however early morning internet allowed me to make a video message and send it so when they set him up in the activity room he could watch the video of me with the mountain in the back drop.

Well my friends, there is a 6 hour drive ahead and with luck our water will be out of the deep freeze and we will be heading towards Vancouver a little warmer weather.
Vancouver here we come,
All I have to say is Beachcombing!
I'll be back with pictures of seaglass,
Cindy xox


Amy at love made my home said...

My goodness, your first photo looks just like a Christmas card, it is so beautiful!!!! xx

Pamela Gordon said...

I enjoyed this post and the things you saw. You'll love Vancouver and the beaches. Are you stopping at Whistler?

Janus said...

Still enjoying following you in your travels and learning new things about Canada (like the avalanche tunnel). I'm sorry you couldn't get into the enchanted forest-I know how you love everything fairy. I'm wishing you warmer weather and happy beachcombing.

Lynne said...

Loved that photo number#1 . . .
I can't imagine how terrifying avalanche would be . . .

sallie ( said...

Oh you are really going to have to come back here when its good weather to visit that Enchanted Forest (with a grandchild?)...

the snowy tunnel is beautiful and scary at the same time -- I'm a terrible wimp about winter weather having really never lived in it.