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Sunday, November 16, 2014

The last house on the block


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Today I want to reflect. It is Sunday and I don't often blog on Sunday but perhaps I'll not be with internet until next week, one never knows.

We are 13 days behind schedule and spent a little cutting and piecing of the map yesterday and headed straight for Vancouver. I know, but sometimes you have to just get out of the cold inorder to appreciate what is around the next corner. Blessings for sure, happy Sunday.

The Okanogan

Lake Okanagan didn't show off Ogo Pogo so we continued on.



Growing up as a little girl I always remember our house being the last one on the block just before the park and on a dead end street.

Being the last house on this block gives a different outlook.


Nothing too much exciting to report on the drive today other than the speed limit, 120 a first for me.

This rather unusual spot we pulled over for lunch is home to a few eagles over time. I didn't see any action, but a closer look told me whatever bird lived up there -

I didn't want to meet, day or night.


Can't imagine the size of her to be able to get this wooden pallet up under her nest.

Well I must be off my friends, I'm about to arrive at Canada Place and I'll be flying over Canada soon, just to have a look at what I might have missed.
Buckle up,













Pamela Gordon said...

That is quite the view from those houses on that rocky bluff! And I can't imagine what kind of prehistoric creature was able to lift that wooden pallet on the top of that dead tree and make a nest of it! Wow. Have fun in Vancouver. Hugs. Pam

TexWisGirl said...

a lot of the photos wouldn't load for me (but that sometimes happens out in the country here). still, safe travels and stay warm!

Lynne said...

Looking forward to HOME soon. .
Wonderful photos . . . even the monster perch!

sallie ( said...

Hadn't heard of Canada Place, but now it is on my list. (You know already that the little taste of Canada we had this summer just whetted my travel appetite. (We have been to Vancouver and Victoria before, as it isn't that far from where we lived in Oregon pre-retirement ... but it has been way too long.

Amy at love made my home said...

That really is a massive bird nest site isn't it! I guess though if you are big bird that is what you need!! xx

September Violets said...

My dad lived in Vancouver when he first arrived in Canada. I always asked him why did he leave such a beautiful place (it was a lot less populated when he lived there). Such gorgeous views. I think I'd feel a little nervous perched on top of a cliff like that. Here there are lots of platforms built on dead trees like your eagle's nest. People build them to encourage ospreys and falcons to nest there. They work well, an the ospreys build on the platforms a little more each year. Have fun at Canada Place! Wendy x