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Friday, November 14, 2014

Columbia Ice Fields

Hello friends,
I'm really enjoying this off line Blogsy, while the French Gardener is mapping out and talking to dash board Sally I can be writing my blog for the next day. Then a short trip over to Tim Horton's drive by Wi-Fi and voila its a new post.
I'd better get started

Our drive through the Columbia Ice Field was an icy one

Do you ever get tired of seeing mountains?

I got a couple of telephone poles along the way also
Kicking Horse Pass
This was taken through the windshield, amazing ah? Can you imagine how much blasting to make the road through this mountain

This is the glacier, imagine how wonderful it is when it isn't covered in snow and everything around it is green. The snow we had last night sort of took the wow out of it for us today, but then snow takes the wow out of a lot right?

Were we coming all this way to the Hot Springs - apparently this earthquake in Alaska has interupted 2 of the hot springs that we know of and they have emptied.
Here we are in Lake Louise freezing our noids off. Everyone around had on hats, scarves, winter coats and boots, here we are in a sweater and running shoes. I'm not really that short, am I? I think I was bent at the knee because I was so cold. The lake was pretty.
is Pretty.
You know what they say, ah! Yours to discover, just don't wait until November to do it as it is too cold.
We are off to Craigellachie, apparently not for a big but for a last.
You will have to wait for our next Wi-Fi to find out what the last is.
Until we connect again,
See you my friend,


Pamela Gordon said...

Wonderful photos of our beautiful country again! I'm surprised Lake Louise isn't frozen over yet. We were walking all over it in February. LOL You'd better buy yourselves some warm hats. Enjoy!

Country Gal said...

Our Canada is very pretty ! Wonderful photos ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good and safe weekend !

Jennifer said...

beautiful places I wish I was there.

September Violets said...

Shame about the hot springs ... looks like you could have used warming up! You definitely need to get some warmer clothes for your photos shoots ;) And no, you can never get tired of those beautiful mountains! Enjoy your weekend, and stay safe. Wendy x

Lynne said...

What a trip you have been on . . .
Wonderful photos!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I've just been catching up with your posts Cindy ... for some reason your feed isn't working at my end so I don't get them as you post.
Gorgeous scenery along the way. Canada is gorgeous.
Stay safe during the cold, wintery weather you have ahead of you.

Janus said...

The mountains are gorgeous and , yes, I am amazed at all the blasting through the mountains to create the road. Stay warm.

Amy at love made my home said...

Wow, that really is soooooo cold looking!! Stay warm! xx