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Friday, November 28, 2014

Sea Coast of Oregon


Ok, I have a new like it is SOURDOUGH bread, no matter what you put on, it is so good tasting. However I've found a decetant cheese by black diamond and with the sourdough toasted to excess but not setting off the smoke detector it is amazing. Enough of food, all that weight I lost has found some of its way back after sitting in the co-pilot seat for what? 9 weeks last Saturday we have been on the road.

We got an early start today and hugged the coast of Oregon.


The ocean was amazing

We found many spots to walk down with interesting names like, Seven Devils, Devil's Punchbowl and Pistol Point.

However it was a wave crashing day



The beaches were sand covered without pebbles and that doesn't make for good beachcombing, we were skunked but not for the lack of trying.

With the memories of a few days ago still lingering we still felt rich



Then one of the pullovers (sounds like a sweather) maybe they are called pull offs, anyway I happened to spot these board surfers waiting on that perfect wave.


The landscape was incredible

The Devil's Punchbowl

Imagine this if you can it is the size of an 8 story building with a tunnel in one side and out the other side. I didn't happen to catch the picture of the wave rushing in the tunnel but I think you can imagine it.


The ride around the coast was wavy just as the sea and all of a sudden you come to something like this in the middle of the road way, if you look to the left you can see a bit of road veering off, that is where we went. Sometimes the guard rails had no pavement under a few posts and the drop was 60 some feet. You can tell the shore line has a lot of erosion from storm happening.

I found a glass blowing shop to stop at today and watch for a few balls, I've always been interested in that, but no. Then off to two bead shops and some wonderful finds


According to the lovely lady in the shop she told us we were going to find some amazing bead shops along the way,

Ohhh, I can hardly wait.

I'd better start to use these up or I may not be getting others. I love beads, these daggers are for my lady dragon fly earrings and zipper pulls.

Well I should go, seeing I have a little bit of internet and check out a few of you lovelies and find the next beading shop, tootles.



Wednesday, November 26, 2014

American Beauty

I've missed you my arm chair friends.

After we took the ferry in Victoria to Vancouver, we were then onto Washington.

Vancouver has treasures tucked away in every corner one ingraved in my mind is a picture I took in a simple pull out spot


In downtown Victoria we found a few treasures also.

The BC Provincial Legislature

The Emperess Hotel, however we didn't have afternoon tea there in the event you are think. But we did have afternoon tea at the White Heather - the scones were not as good as mine and they use whipped cream not clotten. The little dishes of raspberry jam and lemon curd were empty when she came to pick up the dishes, oh the lemon curd was so good.

A BIG of a watering can found in a park in Victoria.

A jount to Seatle was lovely as you can tell from the pictures,

I love harbour pictures as you can see

caught with a sunset

Now we are in Washington and it is rainy, rainy, rainy, but boy can I ever sleep with the rain pounding down on the roof of the RV. We managed to find our day yesterday to do a little beachcombing when we did some backtracking to glass beach in Port Townsend

We headed out and it was still dark but we could see enough to make passes over rocks and tight spots to not get our feet wet.

Glass Beach is about 90 minutes walk to the left when you got onto North Beach.

We were crazy and were up for a 3.5 hour adventure even being in spots that were not passable at all and we had to cliff climb muddy cliffs to get aross reviens and over fallen trees that had come down the side of the large cliffs.

Here is a picture from half way up the mud slide looking down, the pebbles you see on the beach are about 50 feet down the slope

Did I get my feet wet, yup almost to the knees

Did I find seaglass, yup you bet.

Was it what they say glass beach is all cut out to be, No! Maybe there was a lot of glass at on time but it is like anywhere else, deminishing.

This is our stash cash

The best find is the hunk of jadeite at about 5 o'clock, if you look around 8 o'clock you will see a fused clear and brown piece, then at 11 o'clock is a nice piece of green pottery bellow it is a nice rounded piece of green seaglass.

Another fantastic find was a rain forest we found today at Ecola, just before Connon Beach


I find the rain forests to be one of my farourite spots of all


I'm not sure what to make of this, you decide.


It is almost American Thanksgiving, so with that in mind and the fact that I don't often get connected I'd like to wish all my US friends a Happy Thanksgiving


While we are on the topic of turkeys, I want to share with you these two that crossed the road in front of us and then sontered right beside my car window.

I hope these guys make it past Thanksgiving and stay off the highway.

Until we connect next, have a good one.




Friday, November 21, 2014

Fairy Lake

Hello arm chair followers and new followers welcome today as I look back since we last had internet I realize we have stopped at a number of amazing spots.

Fairy Lake

Imagine my surprise to see a soft landing spot for Fairies and a cover from the elements of nature.

Yes, the name on the sign read, "Fairy Lake"

A Puzzle Picture for sure.
As you see we made it out to the beachcombing

However most of my finds are of the wood type

and large.

We have made our way south to be out of the cold and into the rian, lol. That might mean using up some old pictures I have scattered around for a little bit.

We made it to a Tea Room in Victoria, "The White Heather." I rather enjoyed the scones however not as good as I bake. The lemon curd was a welcomed little dish and non held to the sides of the bowl when we had finished. I had a ginger and peach scone that was delightful, the side dishes were raspberry jam and dream whip.

Until we connect again, stay warm my friends,



Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Whale of a Time

Good morning arm chair travellers, these past few mornings have been wonderful for picture taking. The forcast is for 4 to 10 cm of rain a day over the next 7 days and up to 50 mm. That is going to put a damper on my beachcombing as we are just getting to the hot spots for seaglass on the West Coast.

We ventured to Tofino
By way of a windy ride up the mountain side in Vancouver Island.
Beautiful mountain tops, and lake side views.

A short stop off at a neat place called GOATS ON ROOF
where we purchased lunch of 400g of black forest ham, a loaf of freshly made sour dough bread and ate dessert first, lol

This is a single scoop according to Mr. Scooper, with cone and all $4

Market yams for supper. I'm thinking this is my BIG for the day.

A small pull-out and a stretch in the forest

Ferns growning 7 feet up a tree

The smell of pine bark and evergreen, so sweet.

Extended path out to the beach.
The path took us on a driftwood adventure

Logs everywhere

Constructions that were created

Not many shells, seaglass or rock
But after growth of Carbuncles

Another stop and a rather large climb up to the top of the highest point where once errected was a radar tower that was used in the Cold War.

The platform remains.

Continued on our way was sculptures on road side intersections.

A short stop off at the Visitor's Centre at edge of the National Park.
Found Wonder






Timeless Wonders

Arrived at our destination Tofino Beach - The Picture Postcard
A sence of calmness surrounded me as I looked left and looked right, no one was around. The 20 some people that walked the beach were all so far away.
I wish I'd of captured the picture like I've captured the memory. A whale straight off jumped. A killer whale, came out of the water right there as I was watching. Guy came to where I was and I pointed out the spot never thinking he would have believed me. Then it surfaced again, the rounded top blackened the surface leaving a trail of millions of bubbles. I'm still standing watching waiting as he walks away impatiently. Then one last time the whale edges from the horizon, and sprays water from its blow hole, never to be seen by me again.

Oh I stood in this spot until dark waiting watching but nothing. Nothing could have made my day more than seeing this sight.
I'm happy you came along on my adventures today. I can't say tomorrow will be as exciting, but I'll try and top it.
Until the next time we connect, blessings, peace and forgiveness,