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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Sensationals

This is how the day ended yesterday after we visited Niagara Falls. I ended up purchasing another tablet and now the real test.... learn a new operating system, oh here comes that symptom of menopause again called anxiety.
NOTE: please be patient, what you see here is a learning curve.
Where are we in our trip? We made it to Niagara Falls and drove around in the rain and then walked in the rain and watched the colours change on the Falls, pretty for sure. Stops into fudge shops, glass shops, and candy stores were part of the experience as well.
Today we got up early and got on the road. I didn't play with my new play toy as I figured there would be lots of time for that later. Well it's later and I haven't learned much, I have pictures all over, sent them into files, saved, selected and then lost some. Oh well remember I have a NOOM, so I'm dealing with this one piece at a time.
We followed a lead in Port Dover from one of our visiting guests this past summer who stopped in the gift shop to get a lesson on how to wire wrap seaglass. She knew we were heading West and told us if we were in the area to drop her a call. We were, so we did and she was so surprised to see us. Me, I was surprised to see that she had about 300 wire wrapped seaglass pieces and was still wirewrapping. We had coffee and chatted then it was time to be on our way. Coincidence or not, she told Guy and I that she had all her stuff in the closet and last night while watching tv, she started to feel the need to wirewrap and got it out and started, and then I called today hum.

When we left we headed to Hawk Cliff Cove and met a lovely couple who explained the flight of the Hawk and made a few other suggestions for us to go and visit. She was surprised seeing the sign in the back window of the RV knowing we were from PEI. She asked what brought us to this little spot and how I knew about it. Well a few days back, about a week ago Country Gal posted on her blog about Hawk Cliff Cove and We went on our way and then later met up with them again on the dock watching a wind surfer fighting the waves and wind.
Onto St. Thomas oh what a quaint village with bitty shops all over, lovely spot and our travels are about visiting big so it was a must to go visit Jumbo the Elephant. This Elephant was with Barnum And Bailey Circus and was struck by a train in St. Thomas while the circus was in town. I can't imagine this happening but it was on September 15, 1885 when he wandered onto the track. The Jumbo the Elephant monument was dedicated by the town and put on it's site on the 100th anniversary where many have had their pictures taken with him.

That is enough for one day. So far this is my first post on this IPad.

I hope you had a good Sunday and it was a relaxing day,
Until the next time I have internet, take care,


Amy at love made my home said...

I hope you get on well with the new computer and keep having fun!! xx

Country Gal said...

I am glad you got to Hawk Cliff it is such a beautiful scenic place . I love the towns down this way St Thomas is one of my fave's as is the little town of Aylmer and Sparta where they have a lovely candle shop and tea house there ! I am glad you are enjoying your trip I just wish the weather was better for you .Thanks for sharing Have a good day !