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Friday, October 10, 2014

Seaglassing in Painesville, Ohio Today

Glad we watched out for this wave, "quick, grab the glass and run!"

Found a State Park and a large beach for walking, 3 other beachcombers there and Seaglass or should I say beachglass as we are Lake Erie close to Mentor. Maddison is our next stop - lets go!
Are You Coming along?
Glad you joined me.
You know on Prince Edward Island the last of the rail way was taken up in 1989. My house is on the old rail way tracks that is now the Confederation Hiking and Cycling Trail. I miss seeing the cyclists go by.
I couldn't let this go though, have a look, this picture is taken at a actual railway crossing. Notice the trees growing up the middle of the track?

We finally made it to the beach

Braxton always makes a glands back to see that I'm coming.

Then he got cold so he got picked up and carried

I had to take a picture of this brick, you walked right past it and didn't even notice.

I tumbled this handful out onto the breakwater and it was a good spot to stop and take a picture and have a sit on the cement wall and watch the waves washing back and forth.
I noticed this tree on the way back to the RV, isn't is a lovely old tree? Many of the trees here are barkless, seems to me a tree this pretty should have a pretty name, do you know what it is?
The drive to Erie Pensilvania was a little far and I don't mind if you had something else to do while me made the trip. I know I did, I finished my socks, what do you think?

I love them, but the French gardener took one look and said, "now are you going to knit a matching pair?"

No! this is a matching pair, funky right?
It's like the tearoom, nothing matches I told him, the dishes are all different patterns, the tea cups are all different shapes, and colours. I'm not too big on ordinary.

Well that has made it a day.

Until my next internet hook up,
take care,


Janus Evelyn Wilson said...

I think the socks (mis)match beautifully. Don't go quittin on the knittin.

Pamela Gordon said...

Love the photos and the one of the tree in the railroad track is interesting. I guess that track has been out of use for a while. It's fun that you find sea glass (beach glass) inland too. Enjoy safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and the French Gardener. xo Pam

Lynne said...

Love the unmatched socks . . .
Makes for unique and different!
Good for you . . .
We just arrived home from our travels and drove through Pennsylvania and Ohio . . . I wonder how close we were!

Amy at love made my home said...

Love your sock colours!! How great that you found some sea(beach!) glass too, a great reminder of your trip. xx