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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sadden Glory

The Glory of our Nation is Saddened today

Yesterday, Wednesday Oct 22, 2014, a guard was gunned down standing beside Ottawa's War Memorial at Parliment Hill. Today people live in fear, walk the streets and wonder, look over the shoulders and see our nation as a different world, one we are not able to understand.

Prayer and Peace for Ottawa and his family today.


We arrived in Mouse Jaw last night. I'm surprised to find the town has all their Christmas decorations hanging high above main street. This caught my eye in a bad way. From a little girl I learned that November 11th was a day of respect and we didn't decorate for Christmas until after that day. Now in the stores I see Christmas decorations and cards before our Canadian Thanksgiving (Oct 12).

We are visiting a few places today while here and hopefully that will change my outlook. As for yesterday it was an amazing drive and I'd like to share a few pictures with you if I may.

Dry Lands

Deserted barns fallen into the ground

Plenty of dry fields and old homes that yelled out with years of history as we passed by.


Old barns hardly standing still in a storm



The sky turned blue

It was a beautiful day for driving



and knitting while we mosied our way

To Saskatchewans, Castle Butte.

A cattle passage under the road


Dusty roads

Trails through the Bad Lands

In search of Castle Butte


300 feet high, 1/4 mile wide, distance around walking 1.5 miles

All sandstone


with caves

to go in

or climb high

The sun is going down and that ends our day

A prarie dog

Thank you for visiting my adventures today.

I hope you enjoyed this lovely part of Canada that we are still so lucky to be living in, God Bless.

Until we have internet,

Take care,





janus said...

Yes we are saddened today and, no doubt, forever changed by the attack yesterday. But we can't let these few radical people ruin our enjoyment of our big, beautiful country. And your pictures remind me of how vast and beautiful it is. Keep on truckin' and sharing. (And I find it appalling that the Christmas decorations are already up out there too.)

Pamela Gordon said...

So beautiful. We live in a wonderful country! God bless us all.

lynn cockrell said...

My, but you have been busy since I last stopped by here, Cindy! I went back through many of your posts to find that you have been on a fabulous journey and seen and done many wonderful places and things. I have so much enjoyed the photos and look forward to seeing the ones from the rest of your fabulous trip! Be safe and have a ball, friend!

Country Gal said...

It is sad that in this day and age in our country this can still happen ! Lovely photos ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !