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Saturday, October 11, 2014

North & Noticing Old Buffalo

We found a Tim Horton's and stopped in for coffee and a little internet.

This morning I was amazed at the old abandond steel mills in Buffalo


Just old


left to love,


look at,






as we listened to Dash Board Sally instructing us to go this way,


and that way, past the Old General Mills plant


Then the Old turned to new very fast and the buildings became crawded, modern, lived in and used.

A peaceful spot found us pulling over after we crossed the boarder into Canada once again. We stopped for breakfast and watched this fisherman on the point as we ate our breakfast and had our morning coffee.

It isn't what we see in life it is how we see it,

Take care,

until my next internet connection,




Pamela Gordon said...

Great pictures Cindy. It's sad to see all those factories closed though. Love the photo of the water and the fisherman.

Janus Evelyn Wilson said...

Those old steel mills are very impressive buildings, even intimidating.
Happy trails my frousin.