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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hoo Doos

Most of our adventures today were in Drumheller



It took a bit of driving this am, only



After Grandpa had his breakfast that is.

We visited a swinging bridge and on the other side found this tree that a beaver had made a good attempt at cuttng down. Now I know it doens't look like much but I think Guy and I would of not been able to hold hands around this tree it was so big. Looks like the City got to it and fenced it just in time.



Beaver damage


Then onto the Hoo Doos

Ya right! And what is a Hoo Doo?


Come on I'll show you what a Hoo Doo is.

These are Hoo Doos

They are mostly sandstone and coal and their formation has come by thousands of years of erosion.



Their pillar like formations are all different and if you look closely you can see the layers of time in them.


There was a fenced off area where the Hoo Doos might get damaged, then there was an area where you could walk in and around.

A quick visit to the informaiton centre that is the building under and in the dinosaur. If you look you will see the doors to the information centre to the left of our camper. Now I don't want to say this is big or anything but it is said to be the largest dinosaur in the world.

We drove into the night

past farms and fields

Then we settled for the night in

Red Deer, Alberta



I'm going to be dreaming of Hoo Doos all night, it sure was an amazing sight.

Thank you for following me on my road trip today,

tomorrow we plan to end up in Edmonton

Hope to see you there,




Pamela Gordon said...

We were there!! We walked all over that Hoodoo site in July 2013. It was awesome to see and your photos are excellent. The day we were there it was very crowded with tourists, hot and sunny, so you pretty well had the place to yourself. Your sunset photos are beautiful. Hugs. Pam

September Violets said...

This is a place I would love to explore one day to see the dinosaur park. Thos hoo doos are so cool! Happy trails! Wendy x

Janus said...

The hoo doos are fabulous. But that beaver-chewed tree puzzled me because, in my experience, a tree that is stripped of its bark all the way around like that one, will die. So why did they bother protecting it? Maybe they just didn't want it to get chewed to the point of falling down on someone.Love the sunset pics.

Cindy said...

I was taught that also Janus, however I think it might be because it is along easier to have one person put a fence around it then it is to have 3 men time/money cut the tree up after it has fallen, I think

Amy at love made my home said...

Those rocks are amazing aren't they, it is wonderful what nature can create when left to itself. xx