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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Easy Knit Cowl

With the weather getting cooler it is time to take out the knitting needles and sip tea by a warm burning fire while you cast on stitches for your next project.

Knitted Cowl


Cast on 40 st

place a marker after 12th stich then after next 16th

sl first st then *K1 tbl, p1 tbl* for first 12 stitches

next 16 straight K st.

next 12 st *K1 tbl, p1 tbl* turn

continue this until cowl measures length desired.


I'm thinking I'd like to make it long enough that I can double wrap it, but then I might just keepl it a single floppy wrap and make a flower pin from the same knit. I'll see.


The news on the shooting at Parliment Hill has devastated Ottawa, being our home town I'm convinced if someone entered the block with a gun and fired 30 shots - it will never be the same to visit again, pipped up security, no more quiet demonstrations, no yoga classes.

Blessings and prayers to the guard who got shot while on duty - no report on how he is doing as of yet.

We are in Winnipeg legislature has been put on lock-down.


We are getting on the road, until our next connection,

hugs, Cindy






Pamela Gordon said...

I love the colours in this cowl, Cindy. Very pretty. It's awful what has happened in Ottawa. The soldier, sadly, did not make it and the gunman is dead but they fear there might be more hiding in the Parliament building. It's a crazy sad world we're living in today. We need to pray God's protection over us. Take care.

Country Gal said...

That looks cozy ! It is a shame what has taken place in Ottawa I hope they catch the bad people ! Prayers for all to be safe ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

Lynne said...

Knit the mikes away! Pretty colors . . .