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Friday, October 3, 2014

Blog away

Sometimes it's not about being right it's about being happy while other times it's not about being frustrated it's about finding something that works and going with it. 
Hubby found it, it's called Blogaway and I can compose a blog off line and add pictures and it remains a draft, uncomplicated and easy to use.

Menopause is complicated and I have all the key components that go along with it and each day I'm taking one challenge that I feel affects me and I plan to make life simple again.  A few days ago I solved a challenge by purchasing Nice'n Clean lense wipes for my glasses, done.  

Yesterday I had an issue with movement.
Ya motion, unnecessary movement, you know the kind where stuff is rolling all the time and you have no control.  

This is my work table in the RV and with every pump, jump and crack on the road all my stuff on my work table moves back and forth.  With My NOOM (new outlook on Menopause) I think I can handle the challenge.
Yup, sold at most dollar stores and for pennies you can make your life simple again.  Just think of the many uses, hanging up stuff, instead of gluestick, I lost the back of my earring and rolled up a little bit of tac, there you go. I have my cell phone tac to my table, my glasses case is where I set them down, even my knitting needles refuse to fall on the floor because they are in tac.  That pen I can never find is right there in front of me when I want it.  I dropped something behind the counter and put some tac on the end of the broom handle and got it back. Good stuff and I've taken care of the momentum issues (anxiety)

We are back on the road after a short journey to Harriston, Minto in Ontario.  We visited friends and slept in a oh so comfy bed, had the yummiest supper of roast beef, yorkshire pudding, garlic whipped potatoes and steamed vegies along with cream peach pie and lemon meringue pie.
They are going to be socks, yup simple socks.
We are headed to NIAGARA Falls today but I almost forgot to share with you our latest small find. In Toronto on 128 Day avenue there is this small house, we needed to visit it seeing we have visited so many bigs on our trip.
All the street corners have this poster. 
I know if I was the one missing I'd not think this was a joke.  I couldn't imagine wandering away from a nursing home with just my bedroom slippers on and not being able to be found because someone removed my missing picture from my poster.
Simple, a found field of corn ready for harvest has given me a feeling of Fall.
Sometimes you just have to live like you are from OZ, besides everyone should have a tin man in their lives. Cute, I'm finding a lot of lovely decorated driveways, mailboxes and front doors. Although they are hard to see through the rain drops today I'll be sharing some of the dryer ones as I make my way across.
Well until my next Wi-Fi connect, take care,


Amy at love made my home said...

I hope that your noom works really well for you! Who knew that tak could do such a good job at solving so many of your problems! xx

Unknown said...

I'm behind you!!!!! Haha. Very cool!

Country Gal said...

Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding sounds British to me YUMMY ! Yup here in Ontario lots of folk decorate their porches and driveways for fall . Glad you both are enjoying your trip . Yes a yukky rainy one for us here to ! Lovely photos thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

Lynne said...

Sounds like this was a very good day!

eileeninmd said...

The NOOM sounds like a great tool, I hope it helps you. I love the OZ decorations, very cute. Wishing you a happy weekend!

Pamela Gordon said...

I remember hanging posters up with Tac. It works great and maybe I should invest in some again. I like the idea of trying to pick something up with it on the end of a yardstick! Clever girl. Nice pictures and I'm glad you found a place to blog up and then post safely. Hugs. Pam