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Sunday, September 21, 2014

These 4 walls

These 4walls are small compared to home, but I had better go used to the idea as this will be my living space for the next how many days?  87 ya about that.

So Braxton is happy with his spot

Victoria my daughter went shopping and puchased a seat belt that is secured to his travel box and he seems to be happy with it. Comfortable and notice his treats are the only ones in the console?

I can't complain either

Grandpa built me a work table and I can navigate from my seat and read or work on jewellery. 

I'm thinking I need to do a little interior decorating in the RV, there isn't much room to move furniture around so sometime soon I'll make a drawing of a leaf, you know just something small, simple and easy on the budget. 

Speaking of budget, we have managed to make it to the dollar store for some supplies for the road trip. 

What do you think?

Going in the back window soon.

Back to the trip. So we visited the big lobster in Shediac, I took a picture of it with my phone but I'd need to email it to myself, check my mail and then upload it to my photo gallery and that seems like just too much trouble, so I'm thinking you know what a lobster looks like.  Then Dashboard Sally ended up taking us to this big chicken on the side of the road.  Dashboard Sally is a female voice activated GPS that only speaks around the time I decide to talk and we have had words before. 

So I'm thinking This trip Grandpa planned out for us is about "BIG" and you all know I'm into smalls and minitures, so the challenge is on - I'll need to find some minitures along the way.

See you the next time I have internet,

~00~ Grandma (aka Cindy) or Crafting -


Country Gal said...

Seems nice and cozy ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

Lynne said...

Happy travels and "putzin" while riding along with your hubs!

Pamela Gordon said...

Those are cramped quarters for this long trip but at least you get out and take in the scenery of our country and can also see through your windows. Have a great day tomorrow and safe travels to you.

Amy at love made my home said...

I expect that by the end of the journey you will have the camper all decorated and beautiful, just in time to come home again! xx

Janus Evelyn Wilson said...

Looks like you and Braxton have it made in the shade. Love your work table (Guy's a sweetheart). Yeah, you'll probably be happy to get back to your home after several months in the camper but oh what adventures will come between then and now!