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Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Message in a Bottle

I woke with the sun this am and decided to make hay while it shinned. On with Braxtons seatbelt and on with the day.

Breakfast was peameal bacon, couple eggs and a pot of coffee.

In case you're visiting for the very first time... grandpa and i have left the empty nest and are on a road trip across canada in a small, very small RV.

Our first stop (of the day) still on the Gaspé Peninsula was when we spotted these cement forms all about this shop and continue out onto the St Lawence River.  Marcel Gagnon is the artist that is well recognied around the world.  You can visit his art at where you will see nature come to life.

These 5 huts stand where houses once did. The owner came back and put them up as a reminder of the tidal storm December 2010, today they are art.  My favourite is the message in a bottle.

Miniatures, made by the hands of an aging hand carver. A closer look inside and we found treasures.

This is Marie, she was played along with our trade of seaglass for this captains hat.

We are about to leave Rivière du Loup.

Until we connect next - Wi-Fi

Have a wonderful day,


Janus Evelyn Wilson said...

That hat will be a great addition to your collection. Those little houses with the wood sticking out of the back of them freaked me out.
Happy trails.

Pamela Gordon said...

What fun art to find along the way. I love the stone statues and the little shacks. The one with the driftwood sticks is fascinating. Also, the miniature village is really neat. You gotta love bartering - sea glass for a hat. :) Safe travels.