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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Buttons & Bows

Visiting Ottawa was like stepping back in time.   I lived here years ago, came back and I'm no further ahead because I don't recognise most places due to change.  Something that never changes is Family and Friends! they are like buttons and bows, and when we visit we get all the nice things tied into one.  Visiting with them was rewarding from meeting ups, cookies, Mom's mustard pickles, to reminiscing and playing Ellen Degenerates's new IPhone charades, it was all fun.
This wasn't just a visit, no way I'm coming away with goods gifts and  Aunt Muriel's cookies.  Sharon my sister in law gifted me a set of these salt and pepper shakers, antiques with little ivory buttons on the top.  Love them and they are perfect for our little RV.
This is Sharon my sister in law in the middle and my brother Ralph on her right and my nephew Ralph on the left.  Sorry I didn't get a picture of them as I didn't have time because we used our time playing charades with the IPhone and had the best time and many laughs.  Did you know this program records you as you play so you can play it back and laugh even harder.  After two nights in a row we are in rib pain.
The drip catchers that are hand made came to me in dozens, another lovely gift.
Buttons and Bows, like Family and Fun, Cookies and Cream or Wine and Charades.... It was all fun and good memories were had.
Until our next Wi-Fi connection,
God Bless,

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Family, Friends, & Fall

Moving forward, the drive through Quebec brought us to visiting a number of 
Beautiful Churches, through the changing of coloured leaves and onto Ottawa where we had a meet up with family and friends.

Fall colours

Churches in Quebec

The walk of the cross

We are on a drive across Canada from PEI to Haida Gwaii. Trough our voyage we are continuing this travel blog. Sometimes my posts are pictures I want to keep and other times there are words, I'd like to remember.

I can only hope by the end of this trip I'll become an expert at this tablet, or I'll have posted about the purchaase of a new one, lol.

Until I get my next Wi-Fi connecting,

~00~ Grandma (aka Cindy) or Crafting -

Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Message in a Bottle

I woke with the sun this am and decided to make hay while it shinned. On with Braxtons seatbelt and on with the day.

Breakfast was peameal bacon, couple eggs and a pot of coffee.

In case you're visiting for the very first time... grandpa and i have left the empty nest and are on a road trip across canada in a small, very small RV.

Our first stop (of the day) still on the Gaspé Peninsula was when we spotted these cement forms all about this shop and continue out onto the St Lawence River.  Marcel Gagnon is the artist that is well recognied around the world.  You can visit his art at where you will see nature come to life.

These 5 huts stand where houses once did. The owner came back and put them up as a reminder of the tidal storm December 2010, today they are art.  My favourite is the message in a bottle.

Miniatures, made by the hands of an aging hand carver. A closer look inside and we found treasures.

This is Marie, she was played along with our trade of seaglass for this captains hat.

We are about to leave Rivière du Loup.

Until we connect next - Wi-Fi

Have a wonderful day,

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Bigs of Gaspe Peninsula

Big driftwood, rocking chairs, lobster traps and big up hills.

We are following the Yellow Brick road, what do you think of the pink

 Along with finding big we came across yet another rocking chair for grandma, Grandpa got caught in a lobster trap. We couldn't get the rocking chair onto the camper so we left it behind.

When the tide gives you driftwood, give the tourists something to look at, just saying. Ana my grand-daughter would love this giraffe. 

The drive along the Gaspe Penninsula is amazing.  I got a little frustrated with sitting still for so long yesterday that grandpa put me out and made me walk up this big hill before he would let me back in the RV.  It worked, but just for the time being - I'm going to admit it - a workaholic has a hard time sitting doing nothing even if what you look at is beautiful. Looking for peace, serenity, and grace today.

See you next time I get connected, (WiFi)

~00~ Grandma (aka Cindy)

Monday, September 22, 2014

A Rocking Chair for Grandma

I'm in Driftwood heaven

We are in Bathurst New Brunswick,
The driftwood province.

We happened onto a driveway filed with driftwood

Not your average driftwood but real animals and tables and such.

Well yesterday we were given a bucket of seaglass when a lady we meet Annie found out we were beachcombers.  She said, "you should take this and use it if you can." It weights about 7 pounds and so I thought why not, I'll use it.  

So today I traded some seaglass for this stone souvenir.

You did hear the story about trading the paper clip for a million dollars? I wonder what I'll end up with in BC, stay tuned, lol.

Then we found more driftwood

This is my mosaic (not all in one) but just as fun. I'm running on over to see Judith at Lavendar Cottage where she hosts Mosaic Monday's -  come along.

Until next time I get internet,

~00~ Grandma

Sunday, September 21, 2014

These 4 walls

These 4walls are small compared to home, but I had better go used to the idea as this will be my living space for the next how many days?  87 ya about that.

So Braxton is happy with his spot

Victoria my daughter went shopping and puchased a seat belt that is secured to his travel box and he seems to be happy with it. Comfortable and notice his treats are the only ones in the console?

I can't complain either

Grandpa built me a work table and I can navigate from my seat and read or work on jewellery. 

I'm thinking I need to do a little interior decorating in the RV, there isn't much room to move furniture around so sometime soon I'll make a drawing of a leaf, you know just something small, simple and easy on the budget. 

Speaking of budget, we have managed to make it to the dollar store for some supplies for the road trip. 

What do you think?

Going in the back window soon.

Back to the trip. So we visited the big lobster in Shediac, I took a picture of it with my phone but I'd need to email it to myself, check my mail and then upload it to my photo gallery and that seems like just too much trouble, so I'm thinking you know what a lobster looks like.  Then Dashboard Sally ended up taking us to this big chicken on the side of the road.  Dashboard Sally is a female voice activated GPS that only speaks around the time I decide to talk and we have had words before. 

So I'm thinking This trip Grandpa planned out for us is about "BIG" and you all know I'm into smalls and minitures, so the challenge is on - I'll need to find some minitures along the way.

See you the next time I have internet,

~00~ Grandma (aka Cindy) or Crafting -

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Drive Across Canada ~ PEI to Haida Gwaii

Road Ready

Well we are packed and ready to get on the road. Today we leave for our trip across Canada. 

Four years in the planning and the day has come. This will be a holiday and adventure. Follow along as we post short snips about our road trips.

See you next time I have internet.