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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spring Gardening Take Note

What is green and when you add colour it changes?
It must be Spring!
This week I'm sharing in a Note Card for Vee with my 
May Spring garden 
display and excitement, 
come stroll with me
in my garden of love. 

Trillium - I have both purple and white in bloom

All my Hyacinths are heavy headed and falling over

Checkerboard tulips open upside down

Snowdrops and purple crocus

My box top

Sharing in a Note Card for Vee

~00~ Grandma (aka Cindy)

Stop for Tea

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed this week,
perhaps some soothing tea would be nicely needed. 

but first I'll put on a hat,
Tea almost always goes better with a hat.

This is the one

I love the netting and when draped it is elegant

I'm having a fast cuppa this am as Ana is on her way over to stay with
grandma and we both are going to sit together and wait for baby.
Rory is finally going to make an appearance,
I can't wait to show you pictures of my new grand-son.

My tea party today is in this cup

I can imagine this rose flowering in my garden

I've chosen another rose for my tea pot

My tea today will be Lighthouse Lover's
wonderful rich bold, bright with a tart and tangy scur 
of cherry notes tempered with mild sweet banana finish.

While we are having tea and relaxing this afternoon I have something to share.
This is a video of the scrapbooking section of our gift shop done by Henry Dunsmore here on Prince Edward Island.  I was chosen by ArtisanPEI for the video this year and is demonstrates what we do for an experience here in the shop.  There were two videos made and I'll post the wire wrapping one another time. 
I hope you enjoy my camera shy :-)

These days I'm doing my best to try and stop for tea. Ana will be with me for two days as Rory my new grandson will arrive tomorrow.  We are so excited, and so is Ana, she hasn't stopped a bit. It took me all of the day up until now to get this post finished and I'm so tired I'm heading to my comfort zone. 

Before I do I'd like to visit the following for tea today.

Bernideen's ~ Tea Time Blog

Please forgive me if I don't respond to all your lovely comments over these next few months, know I am with you and visiting.  I may just leave a little short note to let you know I was by. Life does get in the way of time for me - however know I'm near,
~00~ Grandma (aka Cindy)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blue is for Boys

Well I think it is this week that we will see more blue for boys.
I'm about to be a grandma for the (ran out of fingers to count) time.
Rory seems to want to come into this world but the doctors want him to bake a little longer - time will tell.

In the meantime I'm sitting with Ana - she is 5 and I've nicknamed her
Miss Talksalot.

You might remember her, she has a hand in just about everything - I think she gets that from her grandma.

I'm about to have a quiet cup of tea,
join me for a moment of silence while Ana is out feeding the birds,

I've chosen a blue cup today because blue is for boys.
The wee little tea cup is for Ana, 
I figure the longer it takes for her to have a tea party,
the longer I get to finish a few boutonnieres I need to make for 
my next order to go out. 

Waiting is not one of my expert things to do, 
but we have to do that today,
before we get news,
on Rory.

I'm stopping for tea with:
Bernideen's ~ Tea Time Blog

Kathy's ~ A Delightsome Life

I'm not sure I'll get around to visit, but will return visits.  I find it hard to concentrate,
Grandma ~00~

~00~ Grandma (aka Cindy) or Crafting -

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Walk for Memories

Each morning I get up and see rain drops in the pond and have to think what is it that May showers will bring?  I'm sure all this rain will be good for the earth but because we had such a late Winter it is keeping the farmers out of the fields and from ploughing, this late rain in May is also. 

A Mourning Dove has built her nest and settled in straight off our back door on top of the pergola, I get to watch her daily, this morning she looks cold and wet but she is cooing away happily. I haven't been blogging much over the past 2 or so weeks as I let myself get run down and then got a very bad cold that sent me back to bed.  I'm thinking I'm on the mend for the second time.  Yesterday I had put together "Team Grandma" and walked for the Alzheimer's society "Walk for Memories."  Guy and I represented our team as Grandma's Tea Room and went dressed as we do in the tea room.  I got recognized for my efforts in finishing the 5 klm in heels, that's effort.

I wore a different hat and Guy had on his black tie and diamond tie pin.  That's something you don't see often, I mean tie pins, I don't believe I've seen them at the jewelers in a long time.

Today is another day and I'm starting it off right as Grandma's Tea Room 
is open for the season and today I'm having tea

I've refreshed all my wee bottles of tea and made a rather large, fresh batch of 
Grandma's Special Blend 

A very favorited flavorful fruity green tea

I know ah, cake! so good, this week we celebrated a one year anniversary with our son. One year ago today he had his motorcycle accident, if you all remember? It was such a hard time for me, vapors - anyway we got him a cake, card and gift card to kent. He looked up at me with half a smile and said,
 "thanks mom, but there are just some things you don't want to remember"

The plate a special one as mom wrote before she passed away that she wanted me to have this La Petite Rose collection that had been in the family for so long. Each time I take out these little rose plates I think of her.

Hand embroidered napkins, a must and beautiful handwork

I love this cup and saucer it is bright and cheery and restores strength in me when I have a cup of tea out of it. Do you feel different drinking from different tea cups, or does that only happen to me?
The month of May is Stroke Awareness Month and my dad drank from this tea cup one of the times he visited me from Ottawa years ago, he is a survivor of a Stroke, it takes a great deal of the quality of life away. You should know the signs of a stroke, look for them here

 Wishing you the best on this day,
Lord! watch over us as we venture into another season, bless us and 
restore our faith. Amen,

Today I'm joining these tea ladies as they have so much to offer, come and see.

Bernideen's ~ Tea Time Blog

~00~ Grandma (aka Cindy)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Our Red Red Robin

The French Gardener and I have been busy this past week taking care of a few garden details

Building more bird feeders and spots for the Robins to nest

Interesting enough the Robins will go hungry rather than eat seeds

So we took strawberries, cranberries, nuts, dried fruit, prunes and raisins and made the Robins a smorgasbord

We used some of our firewood to build their shelters

We bagged up a little feed and sent it over to Victoria's (daughter) so her Robins get feed

Oh I almost forgot to mention the water has been warming up in the pond by one degree a day and soon we will start to feed the Gold Fish and Coi. The temp is 45 degrees and you shouldn't start feeding with a low protein fish food until the water temp reaches 50 for two weeks. Then we will go to normal feeding high protein when the water temp reaches 65. 

The gardens are looking so abandon right now, yes the snow is almost gone but we have had rain and yucky weather so I've not got a chance to get out there and putter around yet. I have plenty to do with this head cold that I've been nursing for a week now and I've been under the weather.  I'm hoping by the time the sun shines I'll be back in the saddle and ready to get at the gardening clean up.

For now - Tylenol and throat soothing lozenges

~00~ Grandma (aka Cindy)