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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hearts & Flowers ~ Tea Tiime

Often we see things in a different pair of eyes than another might see.

Like I see a Spring Flower
you see?

My daughter in North Carolina absolutely loves to see snow.
While my pair of eyes here in Prince Edward Island have seen enough snow, rain and then last night, 
freezing rain pelting the windows as it came down sideways. It sounded rather soothing as I slept.

Where you might see a tea cup,
I see
a heart cup

The point being we all see and perceive things differently. 
We are different and that is what makes each individual so special. 
Find someone to be kind to this week.

Mark 4:12
so that, "they may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never understanding.

"Lord, thank you for this day and all that it has to offer, the snow and freezing rain are a blessing in disguise and could only be seen when the sun came up, without it we would be in darkness." 

My mornings are with a cup of coffee. I'm glad to be joining y'll for tea time this Tuesday
Tea Parties,
Bernideen's ~ Tea Time Blog

I was asked by a number of you to include my Drip Catchers to my Etsy shop.  Happy to say, that went rather well and I just could be adding more wee little tea things in this spot.

~00~ Grandma


Snap said...

We do see things differently. Fun tea drippers. Happy Tea Day

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Good morning Cindy,
Your drip catchers really are cute and a must have when pouring tea! I like your heart teacup. I enjoy my coffee in the mornings too. Although the rest of the day, it's tea I sip on. Thank you for sharing at Tea Time and have a lovely day.


Amy at love made my home said...

It is good to look at things differently from time to time! Hope that the drip catchers go well! xx

Lynne said...

Wonderful reminder for this April 1 morning while having MY tea, (hot water with lemon.)

We are all different, with individual preferences . . .
Thanks Cindy . . .

Janus said...

Yes, the drip-catchers are nifty little items and I'm glad they are selling well. I'm pleased the heart cup still has a place in your heart. I just got one for Samantha to add to her budding tea cup collection. I hope you're finished with all that crazy weather. It's April-yay!

Jen Ham said...

Darling heart mug! Drip catchers are such a fabulous idea! xo Jen

Beth Laverty said...

It is good we see things differently. That way more wonderful things are created. I think that heart tea cup is very special.

creations.1 said...

Love your drip catchers - a great idea!! Other peoples perspectives are what make life that little bit more interesting!!

Terri said...

Hello Cindy,
I am so sorry to hear about all your snow! It is April, totally understandable to be upset about it! lol! We were cold a few days ago and today it is 82! Soon, you will be warming up too I hope!
The heart tea cup is lovely.

Terri said...

OH I forgot to say how much I love your drip catchers!

LesleyAnn said...

Those drip catchers are a fantastic idea!! I'm sad to say we've been hit with a cold snap. 85 degrees on Sunday ... snowing and 26 degrees on Tuesday. I just know warm weather is here soon ... I keep telling myself that so I can survive. haha

Kathryn Ross said...

Hi Cindy! Hahaha - yes - those gals down south loving the snow. I like the first one for the novelty of it but it did overstay its welcome this season. Blessings to you - just put my Part 3 of the Dolly and Me Tea up so you can see the final result. Taking joy!