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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fairy ~ Post Cards

These days the weeks are flying by

Friday's are set aside for fun Fairy times. This Friday I'm having a Fairy party.

The girls parade around and twirl and pretend they see fairies in the Tea Room. That is where Grandma has stored the fairy gardens for the Winter.

The fairy village is all set with every possibly need. Thus making an attractive spot to be sure they come to visit.

The gardens are ready, the grass has been cut short, bits of moss lay about for soft landing pads for the fairies little petite feet. The shrubs have all been trimmed so the fairy wings don't get damaged.

My box top

An imagination is healthy, not only does it promote story telling but it helps you stay young enough to play with the grand-kids. Do you spend time in your day telling a good story or creating an imagination?

Please fly with me now over to Miss Vee's where she is having a note card party at A Haven for Vee. Thank you Vee for hosting this party.

I can hardly wait for Friday,

~00~ Grandma (aka Cindy)
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Vee said...

Well I think some imagination is just what we've needed to get us through this long, long winter. Your fairy gardens are delightful and I am sure that the ladies will enjoy tea time with them about. (I had not realized that you are running a B&B on interesting!)

Pamela Gordon said...

What a sweet set of notecards and a really wonderful idea for your grandkids. I can see why you look forward to Friday's when they come to visit, Cindy. You have made some really sweet fairy gardens. Have a great day!

Amy at love made my home said...

What a lovely fairy tea party! They make great notecard pictures! xx

Snap said...

I'd love to join you and your grands for a visit to the fairy land. Wonderful images. It looks like such fun. Thank you, Cindy!

Sue said...

Your Fairies are so cute, and lovely notecards they would make. Thank you for sharing.

bj said...

What a fun post and fun did a great job here.
xo bj

Karen Harvey Cox said...

I love fairies, and I love the name of your blog. Beautiful photographs and they make charming note cards.

Wanda said...

Your note cards are delightful, and I'm so glad I've never grown up. The drivers license says I'm 73...HaHa What does DMV know??

I have a dozen grandkids and you must stay young and enjoy life till life is no more!!

Us grandmas must stick together and have fun.....

Jackie said...

Oh that sounds like fun!! What a great way to start off the springtime celebrations!! I am so glad spring will be here thursday!!

Linda H said...

What fun photos, they'd make charming notecards. I bet your grands love coming to visit!!

Beth said...

Love your little fairy gardens, Cindy. What cute notecards they make!

Jen Ham said...

Fairy heaven! LOVE! xo Jen