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Monday, March 24, 2014

Challenging Spring Tea

Chances are if you are looking out your window and live in Canada right now you can see snow. This time last year I spent time walking early morning watching the daffodils, crocuses, and snow drops squeezing from the earth as the morning sun warmed their little buds. It's -7 as I type, and as you are reading, spring hasn't sprung and the grass hasn't rise. 

Well I've been thinking Spring, in fact I'm enjoying a spring tea at the moment, come, sit with me while I ooh and aah over afternoon tea,

I've set a place setting for you with the expectations you wouldn't turn me down when I asked your company today.

I imagined snipping these out of my garden as I took off my Winter boots so as not to get snow all over the floor while running to put them into water. They certainly remind me of spring and tea, you?

I'm at liberty of going ahead and making decisions, so I choose our tea to be Mocha Rocha - This is a herbal concoction of Rooibos blends - a smashing mocha flavour full bodied tea casting a sweet combination of caramel and hints of hazelnut and coffee, perfect.

The sun is starting to set, we will have our tea by candle light, like many others have this week due to power outages on the Island.

Here is the Spring issue of CountryWomen, have a read while I put the kettle on. Be sure to take a gander on page 17 where Susan Gibb's of Charlottesville, Virginia mentions sheep shearing and sending it to a farm on Prince Edward Island! I say do you think it is sent to Belfast Mini Mills? I do.

I saw you looking over the top of the magazine at the tag on the linen napkins! I couldn't help but leave the tag on, vintage do you say, frugal and useful. All the edges are scalloped and cut out between each flower.

The week the cold has kept me inside so I finished the earrings for this spring beaded flower necklace. My girls think it is too much, I rather like it and think it would go nice with what you are wearing. Perhaps once I tag it and put it onto the shelf in the Gift Shop you will claim it as yours. I've been puttering about the shop all week trying to get ready for open. One thing is for sure, I"m a lot like spring - yup can't make up my mind and I've been walking around lost and confused.

I've chosen this tea cup for you as it reminds me of spring with it's little bee buzzing about and flowers blossoming. 

Isn't this just a wonderful little milk jug? I know you don't take milk with your tea, I just couldn't help myself and thought you would want to know I found only three of them at an Antique Mall on the way home from North Carolina, somewhere I believe in the Boston area.

Shall I pour your first cup for you while it is still hot? I believe you may have noticed the handmade drip catchers on the teapots, yes, well I designed them - I did, however I can't take all the credit as my mom-in-law does all the work, she has the patience for it you know, besides she fancies doing all that little kind of needle work.

I almost forgot to share my spring cup with you, see the little bird?

The saucer is grand as well, it has a window box of flowers. This tea up and saucer are J & G Meakin and when I looked up the label it displayed a making from 1912 design, wow I should only hope to be in as good of use when I'm 1/2 it's age. 

Pretty little set

This truly has been a great afternoon, I almost forgot to offer you a piece of upside down cranberry and pecan cake I baked today.

Listen to me, I've been going on so much I haven't given you a chance to say a word....

I'll hush and let you take a turn. Yes that is how deep the snow is in the back field, but did you hear? Spring is on it's way!


While I wait Spring I'm going to get myself a little hot in my cup and venture over to visit:
Bernideen's ~ Tea Time Blog

~00~ Grandma (aka Cindy)


Pamela Gordon said...

Dear Cindy, I just loved this post and joining you for tea today. Everything looks so lovely. I love the cup and saucer by Meakin as it has such a homey design on it. I also like the cute tea drip catchers that your mother in law makes. The photo of her hands doing crochet is just wonderful. And what a sweet photo of you sitting down to tea as well! Just lovely. I definitely have to make a trip to PEI this summer to visit you and your lovely tea room. I hope you don't get hit too badly with this storm on Wednesday. It's going to be a doozie!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

PEI hospitality as I remember it Cindy, although no one wore a pretty hat like yours.
The drip catchers are sweet and would be washable too - you should put them in your Etsy shop.
You gals from the east can keep the storm out there thanks, we don't fancy another one in Ontario.

Terri said...

Hello Cindy,
Happy Spring! I am sorry you have not seen the signs yet, but they are there...hiding beneath that snow! I am hoping for you that a sudden warm day melts all the snow away soon!
Your attitude is so cheery and positive it is a delight to read your post. I enjoyed "having tea" with you today! Your table setting is inviting and both tea cups are lovely! Birds and bees!
Warm hugs!

Lynne said...

Tea Time at my house would have a similar snowy view but you would be the winner for tea cup charm and cut out linens . . .

I will have a piece of that cranberry pecan cake please . . .
Thank you!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Cindy,
What a charming teacup! I love its cozy and homey design. Your coffee cake looks good and oh my, your tea sounds delicious! I like your drip catchers too; a cute idea! One will have to keep the tea on tomorrow as that monster of a storm heads our way. Stay safe and thank you for joining me for Tea Time.


Snap said...

Hi Cindy,
What a fun post! Keep the faith --- spring will arrive! Cranberry pecan cake sounds so good. I'd love to sit and visit with you at your lovely teascape. Happy Tea Day!

Winnie said...

I am smiling as we are getting a snow storm tonight, and your springtime tablescape is bringing me hope! Love the drip catchers that she is creating, as they are so happy in feel, and useful, and you have such an eye to design such lovely things!! Your tea cup is just beautiful!

Beth Laverty said...

Cinday, I enjoyed sharing tea with you today. That Mocha Rocha tea sounds great. I must find it.

Beth Laverty said...

Cindy, sorry I spelled your name wrong!

Janus Wilson said...

I enjoyed your lovely tea. I think those antique milk bottles are wonderful.
Wow! I just checked the weather network and saw the description of the storm headed your way. It looks like a monster so I hope everyone has battened down the hatches out there. I'll be thinking of you all and I hope there is no damage to anyone. may this be winter's last gasp for you guys.

Tea in Texas said...

What a beautiful Spring Tea! We are having Spring blossoming trees and flowers but the tulips and jonquils are spent! You may have cold weather now but when it is over 100 degrees here we will be heading where it is cool like Canada! Love your darling drip catchers and I would buy them in different pastel colors. Can I put in an order? Love it all for so charming!


Carrie said...

Thanks for the lovely tea! I'm really intrigued by that Mocha blend...tea and coffee together with hazelnut, interesting ;). That little milk bottle is darling, I might have to add some milk to my tea just so I can use it. Beautiful spring teacups! The weather where I live (Virginia actually, nice shout out in your post!) keeps switching back and forth from spring to winter with snow today.

Alicia said...


LesleyAnn said...

Wow. So much to look at. The linens are stunning. I love, love the tree limb candle holders.

The tea sounds wonderful. I've never seen that kind before. Looking forward to visiting your shop.

I hope your days are warming and snow is disappearing. Wishing you a wonderful evening.

Jen Ham said...

CIndy, you are the most gorgeous Grandmother I have ever ever seen! xo Jen

Bohemian said...

I've Enjoyed Joining you for the Tea Party! The Essence of Spring was certainly Evoked... I'm Delighted to have discovered this Blog Tea Party this afternoon so I could Join in with Kindred Spirits that also Enjoy the Ritual of Tea... and the Beauty of Teacups and Sharing the Experience!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian