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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

SWEET ~ Tea Time Tues

All Things Sweet

A daughter's tea cup

I went poking around and found this pretty tea/coffee cup for tea today.  It is rainy and a dreary day, I'll need some company to cheer me up and I even found a second cup, won't you join me for tea today?

Sweet but not home baked

This is the first I've seen these pretty oreo cookies. Yes they are out for the holidays and grandpa loves them.  Good job they are only out once a year, lol.

Sweet Red Hatter Jewellery

I had plenty of requests for Red Hatter Memorabilia.  Scrapbooking, seaglass, wire wrapping and necklaces.  I've made a red beaded necklace to go with this and plan to put it together today.  I attached an incense bottle just in the event the Red Hatter party is having too much fun and someone needs to be brought back,  sweet.

Sweet new wire wrapped seaglass

Recently I sat at my craft table and played for a bit. This is my new friend, she is blue today and after we had coffee she was a little wirely, not wrapped so tight - if you know what I mean, all in fun.

Sweet butterflies

This necklace is another I've created with found objects.  I love to create and I'm imagining this to be the tree of life, with the larger butterfly up-top as the teacher for the wee one learning as it grows into something beautiful with wee little bits of seaglass throughout it's wings.

Sweet gumball seeds 

If you are anything like me and step on one of these you would think there is nothing sweet about them.  The gumball tree can reach heights of 40 metres, 131 feet tall. Spiny fruit, that contains numerous seeds and is all covered in prickly woody armatures, possibly to attach to the fur of an animal.  The tree is classified as hardwood and is the last tree to leaf in the Spring and the last of the trees to drop its leaves in the Fall, with a multiple of colours.


I collected a bunch of these in the driveway and my son-in-law looked at me and calmly said, "what are you doing to do with that?"  I wanted to just take pictures of them, but somehow by the tone of his voice I got the impression that these were used as weapons between him and his younger brother and he might have thought I was walking towards him ready with one in my hand and another 20 or so rolled up in the front of my t-shirt. I just thought they were interesting, they have pinchers like an earwig does.  Do you have earwigs where you are?  I can remember the years between 1985 and 87 they were everywhere in Ontario by the millions.  So bad that we designed these two boards and took the rip saw and made a channel down the long length of the board.  Placed one on top of the other and put them aroud the yard. Each morning we would go out and you could hear the neighbours clapping their pieces of boards together over top a gallon pail collecting the early morning earwigs.  Earwigs liked to hide in cool, dark and damp places. Nothing sweet about an earwig.

Sweet glasses

Yes, my glasses are sweet and I'm getting use to them being new and all. I went from a single engine to a triple loaded pair and they have been playing tricks on me.

Won't you join me in the tasting of tea and never mind the crumpets, they are rather a cake that could do nothing more than pinch you from behind. Come join in the fun and visit Terri over at Artful Affirmations for tea today.

My second cup I'll be joining Sandi over at Rose Chintz Cottage where she is hosting Tea Cup Tuesday. When you have a chance come by and sit a spell, meet some tea folks.

Proverbs 16:24
Kind words are like honey -- sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.

Our Heavenly Father as we wander about and learn all that is sweet in this world, let us be reminded.

~00~ Grandma (Cindy)


Lynne said...

I love the Tea Cup and Saucer . . . so pretty. I am intrigued with your sea glass and jewelry making. Did you find the bright blue sea glass recently?

Terri said...

Your pink and blue tea cup is very cheery. That really is a lovely pattern. Your two necklaces are so different but both are stunning!

Beth Laverty said...

Your tea cup is lovely. I hadn't thought about sweet gum trees in years. We had one in our yard when we lived in Va. Beach and it was forever dropping the "gum balls." One year I made a "kissing ball" from them. I got a large styrofoam ball and covered it with the gum balls. I attached a hanging ribbon to the top and tucked in a longish sprig of mistletoe to the bottom. It cause a LOT of comments.

Amy at love made my home said...

Your cups and saucers are very pretty. The necklace with the blue glass is very pretty, I am sure that it will be a very well received gift! xx

Janus Evelyn Wilson said...

Very pretty jewelry. Yes, I remember the bad earwig years. Before we had a gazebo we had a tent in the back yard with roll-up sides. In the morning we would unroll the sides and hundreds of the ugly little buggers would fall out. They'd also get into the clothes on the clothes line. Ugh! One year I collected them from rolled-up damp newspapers and froze them to death and brought them to the wild bird centre as food. I got pinched a lot doing that.

Martha's Favorites said...

Love that tea cup. Your creations are wonderful Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

Pamela Gordon said...

Beautiful post Cindy! I love your artwork - the beautiful things you create from sea glass and found objects. I love the blue glass necklace! Gorgeous. The sweet gum seeds are really fun looking and I don't think I'd like to step on one in my bare feet either. Ouch! I have new glasses too and it took me a couple of days to get used to them as the prescription changed. Now, I love them. And they are progressive lenses, which I've had for years, but these have a wider and deeper frame so more viewing space, which I like. Your's look sweet. I like the frames. Enjoy your visit.

EG CameraGirl said...

Pretty tea cup and saucer. I imagine the Red-Hatter items must be very popular. I have never seen a sweet gum tree but if I ever do I would for sure collect them! I think they are quite attractive and would probably pile them in a wooden bowl.

Naturegirl said...

Your gumball tree similar to our Oak tree in my world..last to drop leaves in fact some stay attached dried out all winter and in Spring the last to leaf out.
Such a treasure trove of interesting
items to showcase with teacup. I have to admit the red dye in sweet treat does not appeal to me.I prefer the original white fill.Have a wonderful week.Today we get yet another snowfall.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Cindy,
I'm late visiting this week because I was without my computer for most of yesterday. Your cup and saucer is very pretty and I like the shape. I don't know that I've ever seem a gumball seed before. And you say you picked them up from your driveway? They are fascinating! Lovely jewelery you have made too. Thank you for coming to tea and enjoy your trip.


Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hi Cindy,
So are you still traveling? Your teacup is pretty and that red hatter thing is cute with the little bottle. My aunt has one of those sweet gum trees in her yard, she hates all of those ball seeds. They are kind of interesting though, but not very fun to step on barefooted!
Have a great rest of your week,

Bernideen said...

I am so glad you came and linked to Friends Sharing Tea! Would love to have you join next week for Valentines!

Denise said...

I think I might have fallen asleep while just typing to You :/ if You get an odd note from me You will know why.Once in a while that happens to Me.I love Your sea glass jewelry and of course your lovely tea cups.Denise