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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shoestring budget ~ Valentine Tea

These days we are RV-Living, not your average life style.
Not easy to set up for a Valentine's DAy Tea
Non the less on a shoestring budget.
However I did, &

You have to love the dollar stores or as they call it here Dollar General however all the lights are burnt out on the sign and it reads "GE" in canada that is an appliance store, nugh said.

Welcome To My RV-Living Valentine's Day Tea Party

Shoestring budget decorating $7.30
Table cloth $1
Valentine decoration $1
Napkins $1
Plates $1
Sparkle hearts $1
Scrapbook paper 5 for $1
Round coasters $1
Ribbon $.30

I cut up the packaging that most of the decorations came in and put tape behind them and stuck them about the RV. I used the little hearts and stapled them onto the ribbon and put stripes on the cupboard doors and onto the fridge.  For a $1 one package of cupid decorative coasters are taped and hung about as decorations.  I cut hearts out of the backing of the gift wrap and lined the window trim with it.  I even cut from the cardboard carton and made Grandpa a gift tag.  How frugal is that?

PEZ and handmade tags

Ribbon heart cupboards

 I made a paper throw blanket for the foot of the bed
 and wrote sweetheart notes on it.

Some pink daisy binding addes to the Hershey's message
Scrapbooking paper decorates the table.

I pulledout the little bear and out spilled all these hearts and hershey's chocolates. (Forgive the tape)

Looks like bear might be a little shy, he is trying toget back into the cup.  
It isn't abvious but this cup will hold 18oz of cocoa (big gulp)

RV-living has limitations. So Grandma is going to bake box cookies with the kids and they get to decorate with Pink Vanilla Frosting and Pink Sugar Crystals.

A couple of Scrapbooked note pads keeping with the theme.

Hearts, hearts and more hearts.

From left to right - pink marshmallows, cupid coaster, sparkle heart
Heart shaped box of Dove Chocolates for Grandpa. (No Peeking)
Isn't the box amazing?  I love it and had to have it, I'll give grandpa the chocolates and use the tin for this and that's. I'm tempted to give him this early so it can be mine all mine. I figure it doesn't matter what is inside the tin as long as the outside is pretty it has to be good.  This one is not only pretty it will be useful. Then a Happy card, and sweet heart candies for the kids.  I used to get these chalky things each year growing up and we would give them to each other and oh and aw over what was written on them.  I never liked the taste and remember getting one on my desk from a boy in 3rd grade and being so embarrassed. Times have changed.

On my travels I found seeds - 5 packs for a dollar.  Back home they are $1.49 each.  I hope they grow, lol. 

I cut off the Dove tag and used it to decorate the wall.

Coffee Mill Cookie Jar

Coming back from Boonville yesterday we stopped at a road side Antique Mall (one shop with 400 vendors.  I happened onto a booth with about 200 cookie jars or more.  I looke at a couple of the prices and I saw $49 to $180.  Then I spotten this old time coffee mill and figured it had to be ours.  I took the lid off ever so gently and took a peek inside for the price tag, there it was laying on the bottom with old cookie crumbs and it read $17 MINE.

A Red beauty - she will fit nicely with our coffee roasting shop.

Please raise a cup and follow me while I have tea with:

Martha at Martha's Favourites:
Terri at Artful affirmations  :
Bernedette at Bernideene's Tea Time:
Sandi at Rose chintz Cottage:

Just to let all you lovely tea lady's know, I am having a hard time writing and reading blogs without high speed interent service.  I'll get around to you and visit each and every one and answer email comments. And I thought short memory ws my biggest issue these days.  Happy Valentines' Day to all you Lovelies, wishing you sprinkled with love and chocolate.

Thank you for joining me in my afternoon tea,
~00~ Grandma (aka Cindy)
or Crafting -


For my children;
All these years have passed and it went without Valentine's as you grew up and it comes with reason.  On Jan 11, 1971, I woke out of bed a child of 9 years old and demanded to go and see Grandpa so I could deliver him his valentine.  After not taking no for an answer your papa took me to see him.  I hugged him and remember him saying, "thank you child".  It was only 30 minutes later that a massive heart attack took his life.  Your grandfather, my dad was a very angry drunk and punished me for years by telling me I knew he was going to dye and I didn't give him the chance to say good-bye.  Valentine's has never been a time of year that we decorate, celebrate or at the very least exchange cards because of this.  I was 9 years old, what did I know?  Today for the first time I have let myself decorate, celebrate and enjoy the fun.  Logan is one today and I'm about to go roll him on the floor and play with him.  It is 3 days before Valentine's Day, early I know, I still won't give anyone a Valentine Card before the 14th but I promise to forgive myself and move on today, after all it has only been 43 years.  I'm glad through Skype I was able to share this moment with you today, Hugs with all my heart. Mom


Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: Your camper looks amazing. Very romantic! Great job. Enjoy your week Blessings, Martha

Denise said...

Sweet message You shared with all.Did You know We want to full time RV for a couple of Years to be out in nature and see the US ?Sounds romantic to Me.

Bernideen said...

What a funplace to decorate! Very Valentinish!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Wow~ Cindy you really went to town decorating! How fun! Your red coffee ginder will look wonderful in tea room. Thanks for coming to tea and Happy Valentine's Day!


Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hi Cindy, your RV looks great with all the Valentine decorations. I really like that pink Hershey's mug, it has a vintage flair to it.

Tea in Texas said...

What fabulous decorating for Valentine's Day! The Dollar Store and 99cents Store are some of my favorite stops for supplies. I found the heart topiiary gift and the red glass heart votives were found at the 99 cent Store. I love how you used every piece to succesfully create a wonderful place to share on Valentine's Day! I found the red and white stripe tea set at Home Goods here in Dallas and the mark on the bottom is Grace China. I am glad you will celebrate Valentine's this year and play with that sweet grand baby! Have a wonderful 14th!

Blessings to you and your family,

Lynne said...

What fun you are having with all your decorations. Happy Valentines Day Cindy. Enjoy those grands!

Was that your experience written at the end of your post?

Terri said...

Dear Cindy,
That was such a traumatic event! You were so young and not to know that you actually didn't do anything "wrong". Blessings on you healing this lifelong issues. YOU walked through that door of opportunity to let it go! Yay! Sharing it with your children must feel very healing.
You made a fabulous first every Valentine tea time, and for a great bargain too!
Enjoy the 14th!

EG CameraGirl said...

I'm pleased to see you are celebrating Valentine's Day even though you are on the road. And the cost is one I can afford too. :)) Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Janus Evelyn Wilson said...

I'm glad you were able to let go of that traumatic event and go on to celebrate Valentine's Day for your grandchildren. Have lots of fun with them.

Nonnie said...

You are quite the shopper to decorate with so little money! It's delightful to behold. I especially like the pink Hershey's coffee. I came via Crafty Kathy and will return. Happy Valentine's Day, may your future VD hold nothing but pleasant memories for you.

Jackie said...

Wow, love the little camper all dolled up!! I am sorry you did not get to enjoy valentines day but I am glad to see you are getting past the past and looking towards the future!! Enjoy!!

creations.1 said...

WOW!!! - you have done a wonderful job of decorating your van!! Love it!!

LesleyAnn said...

What magnificent d├ęcor! It might be budget but it doesn't look it. You all had a grand time, I'm sure.