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Thursday, January 16, 2014

When Nature Calls

Another sunny morning and this one has come with a dusting of snow on the ground.  As I look out across the back yard and into the woods something is moving deep in the woods wandering among the fallen leaves. Nine deer make their way from one feeding station to another as the morning sun creeps higher over the tree tops. Morning blessings, that is all I can say.  I so enjoy the country life my daughter is sharing with me while we visit North Caroliina.

The French Gardener had me make a list of things to do before the busy season starts in May.  One of the items on the length of my arm list is to paint and decorate the bathroom for the tea room. I didn't have a plan in mind but feel it needs something to bring some life to it.  I know you don't live in a bathroom, but being its the second most favourable room to the kitchen, it should be pretty. At least  should be an attractive room for a lady considering most of the visitors to the Tea Room are ladies they would appreciate looking at a wonder of pretty while sitting and tinkling.

I've decided on a nature style for the bathroom

I'm going to start by looking for these little beauties to hang a curtain rod on. 

  I think they would do nicely, but I also think Jennifer might miss them from her bathroom.

I was also thinking of making a mirror by cutting some of the grape vine and wrapping it around the outside of the mirror. This is hard to imagine but I've got the picture in my head.

Jennifer has these branches with different shells cut for leaves.  I'm planning on some of the same idea but a little closer to nature. I'm going to put a branch from a tree out back on the wall behind the door and perhaps find a few wee birds to attach to the branches.  It it doesn't appeal to the eye then I will change the plan.

I seem to be following themes as I age, and back to nature is a nice one to look at knowing I like wood oh and seaglass but that just doesn't fit.  Do you follow a theme?  How many of you have a bird somewhere in your powder room?

Well, little Logan hasn't learned to say Grandma yet, but I can tell he is calling me, got to run.

~oo~ Grandma


Lynne said...

Enjoy making nature touches to your rooms when you return home. Fun to be in new places and get some fresh ideas, isn't it! Enjoy that little one . . .

Pamela Gordon said...

I like all your ideas for the tea room's restroom facility. The branch idea is cute. I don't have any birds in my bathroom but I do have lots of sea shells, starfish and other beach related things in it. The walls are painted gossamer blue and the ceramic floor is a nice sand colour. I have had it this way for about 7 years and am not tired of it yet. :)

Donna said...

I think your bathroon will be lovely!
No real theme here...just stone and Victorian add ons...