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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hungry Birds ~ Sunlit Sunday

It is time to start packing and shovel the RV out and get out of the snow.
Before I go,
I have to make sure to take care of a few things....

Yesterday I served my last tea party at Grandma's.  Our 3 guests had cranberry and roasted almond scones, sweetened cream and strawberry jam along with their pot of tea. We are closing the doors on the season.  We will re-open when the weather is nicer or we get back from our road trip, whichever comes first.

So much to do 
so little time
get busy

First we needed to take care of the hungry birds.  All year the gardens are visited by plenty of wildlife. The birds by the dozens of bluejays, house wrens, sparrows, mocking birds, finch, mourning doves, wood peckers, northern flicker, chickadees, and nut hatches.  The fox come by frequently for a visit and a drink from our pond. We have a pond heater turned on during the Winter months and it provides a hole the size of a dinner plate.

A last minute idea and another one of my keep Grandma happy plans was to build a bird feeder.  We have it attached to the side of our sign and I've put a request on Facebook for my friends to come by and feed the birds.  The birds are use to being fed in the gardens but with all the snow that came down so fast all their food is covered over along with our feeders.  So this one was a must to build before we got on the road. 

Yesterday we noticed the Blue Jays have found the feeder, good it is working.

A trip to the Co-op and a 50 pound bag of  mixed bird seed should last one week and Victoria has agreed to pick up seed as often as needed to keep a supply for Grandma's birds.

Thank you to my wonderful friends the bird feeders

Monday ~ Debbie Reid
Tuesday ~ Tabitha Roberts
Wednesday ~ Margie Villard
Thursday ~ Anneke Plugge
Friday ~ Anneke
Saturday ~ Paul Alan
Sunday ~ Tabitha Roberts or Victoria MacLeod

I'm joining Karen at her blog "My Little Home and Garden" for Sunlit Sunday. Sunlit Sundays is a meme that Karen hosts each winter to bring a little joy and sunshine into our lives during the long winter months from January to March. Be sure to drop by her blog and join up or just visit other bloggers as they share their sunshine and pictures.

Time to get packing
~oo~ Grandma

*Follow our road trip and see how Grandma is spending her afternoons over the next couple of months. I will be on the road and internet service is only here and there. I'll get around to visiting everyone in my RSS as soon as we are plugged into a solid network. Pray for our safe journey.


aspiritofsimplicity said...

have a lovely trip

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

It is a kind soul that worries about the birds while they're away.
Have a nice trip Cindy, hope you end up in a warm place. We leave at the end of the month to spend the month of February in Florida.

EG CameraGirl said...

How sweet of you to remember the birds!

Snap said...

Have a lovely trip. So nice to have friends who love the birds as much as you.

My Little Home and Garden said...

It seems that you brought not only some literal sunshine, but also the heartwarming kind that is evident in the care that you and your friends are showing for the winter birds. As for me, the cranberry and roasted almond scones sound delicious!

Have a safe trip and thank you participating in Sunlit Sunday. I hope you'll choose to return when the road trip permits.


Janus said...

I'm glad you've got friends to feed the birds so you can go on your trip without that worry. Have a safe trip and I'll look forward to your postings.

Lynne said...

Safe journey and have a grand time! (If I lived near I would be a bird feeder too!)

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

You are so kind to remember the birds while you are away. Have a great trip. I'm visiting from Sunlit Sunday.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

enjoy your trip ... I'm sure you will enjoy many sunny days ... so glad you and your friends are taking care of the birds

Gert said...

Have a safe trip..and thanks for taking care of the birds! We enjoy their company too.. smile..


Pamela Gordon said...

Your new header is great Cindy! Perfect for the tea room. That's so nice that you have friends to feed the birds while you're away. The bird feeder is great and I'm sure it will attract lots of birds over the winter months. Have a safe trip! I'll be thinking of you. Pam

Olive said...

Hi Cindy, thanks for the visit. We are bird feeders too. I hope you are safe and warm tonight. To answer your question about the amaryllis bulb-I always plant them in the ground here in our southern garden. It will bloom summer after next. I have about twenty in my flower garden that I have gotten in Christmas past. It never snows here and the bulbs do fine in our ground. Olive

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I am always touched when I read of someone who cares fro our feathered friends as you are doing - thank you!
All that snow - I'm seeing it on all the blogs I follow - it is one harsh winter you're having.
When you hit the road I hope your heading where the days are warmer!
Meantime I'm sending you warm hugs and a pocket full of sunbeams to help you on your way!

I'm your newest follower.
Take care on those icy roads.
Shane in New Zealand

Lorrie said...

Enjoy your trip! Are you escaping the snow?