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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Grow Your Blog ~ Party & Giveaway

Today I'm joining Vicki's blog 2 Bags Full, where she encourages bloggers to get to know others by a meme she is running called "Grow Your Blog" I might have missed this party in 2013 when it started but I'll be sure to be participating this year and I'll have a giveaway for February 15th, 2014. Please join in the fun, come along and share some of life's most admired. 

About Me:

Hi! I'm Cindy of Grandma's Afternoons. I've been blogging for just a little of 3 years now. I'm semi-retired working seasonally operating Grandma's Tea Room in the beautiful province of Prince Edward Island.  I'm 8 years retired from caring for seniors in the Health Care. In my free time I can be found in the garden, crafting, or taking a rewarding walk on the beach. I have 3 grown children with 6 1/2 grandchildren, 5 girly girls and one adorable grandson, and another on the way. 

About My Blog:

I have a blog identity crisis happening.  I started blogging on my B&B Wordpress blog Hats'N Hospitalitea where I talk about PEI and the amazing places to visit on the Island. I have a hobby blog at Scrap'N Wrap where I talk about my wire wrapped seaglass and scrapbooking. However, after blogging for 3 years and having 3 followers I returned to my old first time Blog "Grandma's Afternoons" where I talk about some of my favourites; gardening, tea, seaglass, scrapbooking and just soome of lifes pleasures that might bring happiness to the day. Having followers is rewarding for me, mostly I think it is because I've lived a life of giving be it work, school, children, the tea room and volunteering and sometimes hearing love is enough to keep you going along the windy road of life.

Grandma's Garden:

At my house, you are always welcome, stop in and ring the bell if no answer start pulling weeds. Gardening is the best therapeutic life there can be, next to beachcombing that might be.  In my garden I have mini fairy gardens, bottles of fairy dust about, a pond, plenty of strawberries, blueberries, concord grapes, raspberries, blackberries, currants and even a kiwi tree.  The gray days of the Winter months the pond freezes over, the snow replenishes mother earth and we take to RV-living, roaming the roads.  Here are some of my favourite flowers.

The pond and waterfall

Oh the Hens & Chicks

And oh how I love Hollyhocks, they are my favourite

Oh how about these Clematis are they beautiful?

I just love it when the Magnolia blooms

Imagine, I almost forgot about the daylilies

Oh I just love these red and purple poppies

A perfect spot to sit and look at all this

I almost forgot to mention I have a barn out back, Lori took this picture and sent it to me on FB of my croc pots.

My Fairy Park

Grandmas Tea Room:

In yesteryears all women were gifted with tea cups and saucers. All my Cousins, Aunts and Grandmas had plenty.  Then they were gifted to me. I had an inspiration to open a tea room in the front parlour of our old family farm house that seated only 4 small bistro tables and hours of fun.  In 2008 we moved into Winsloe, where the tea room and gardens are located today.

Crafting: Sea Glass and Scrapbooking

I've been rather obsessed with scrapbooking over the years and when I couldn' t find what I was looking for in supplies, as they were limited on the Island.  I started making them, building borders, and page layouts of nautical, beach and Anne of Green Gables memorabilia. 

Then by accident my hobby took a new turn and I found myself on the beach in search of seaglass. Didn't matter the colour or shape it was all so pretty, every piece made me happy, happy, happy. I realized one day that I had a shipwreck of seaglass... not really but I self taught myself to wire wrap. Now I have many pieces along with the scrapbooking designs of PEI in a little giftshop called The Island Made Gift Shop. We open during the summer months and operate less during the Winter. Here is a peek at some of my work.

I tried my hand at paperback book corsages for Victoria's wedding this past August.

Grandma's Travels:

With having one child in North Carolina most of our travels take us there.  But we have driven to other places we enjoyed and many of them were on a beachcombing at one spot or another.

Ocean floor of Hopewell Rocks, New Bruswick

Sundown along the Island River Parkway in Ottawa

Beachcombing in Nova Scotia

 Hiking on Grand Manan Island

Walking around a bay

To relaxing on a cloudy day.

Grandma's Camera:

One thing I have done a lot of in the past few years is stop to take a picture. I mean, ya sure being a scrapbooker you always have a picture taking moment that you are capturing.  But this is different, it is almost like I'm in search of something I'll never find or aquire and it is in the old houses and old barns, trees and cars of years ago that I find peace just in photographing them all. Maybe this will explain it better.

Look at the tree growing on the inside of this barns left hand side

See the same spot on the left, the tree comes out the broken barn wood and straight up to the top of the roof and along the peak.

This outbuilding could have been a curiosity shop and has seen a lot of years and storms.  Just the evidence of the tin roof shows.  The log cabin is parged with limestone Tabby, a mixture of lime and boiled oyster shells that was used years ago and lined most of the walls of a slaves quarters and made numerous roads in Vingina, and South Carolina.

Well this has been a journey and a little about my love of life.

Want to know where I keep visitor's to the Island each year? Visit here, maybe you will visit or come and stay with us.

Want to see why Grandma's Tea Room was listed with the 7 top Tea Rooms in Canada, visit here.

Are you looking for seaglass perhaps you will visit  Island Made gift shop.

Be blessed with the beauty that surrounds your day and take in the moment.


Now! onto the good stuff ~ the Giveaway.

Seeing as I am a seaglass artisans I see no reason other than to be giving away a necklace and pendant of seaglass wirewrapped.  This giveaway seglass necklace has a retail value of $38 when sold in the shop.   These are my giveaway regulations; leave a comment on this blog post. The winner will be selected on February 15th using a random select.   I will return here and announce the winner on Feb 15. It will be up to you to give me your full mailing address.  

I'm getting excited to go around and visit your blogs. Be sure to visit Vicki the host of this blog party and by visiting her you will find the list of others to visit.  Good Luck with the giveaway.

It was so nice to have met you today, it warms my heart to know I may become your new "kindred spirit" (Anne of Green Gables) and follower.  We are RV-living, service isn't the best but I'm excited to let you know I'll be getting around to all of your blogs if it takes me a year to do it.

Thank you for visiting, 
~oo~ Grandma (Cindy


Pamela Gordon said...

Awesome post Cindy. I learned some new things about you here. I love your photos and, of course, your sea glass jewellery. Hugs, Pam

judith said...

I love tea, and your photos. So glad you posted late so we can meet. Hope you gat more followers, because you have some great things to share with the world. I will follow so I can see around the world thru another's eyes.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I loved learning more about you Cindy!
I didn't know about your artistic side before - you are very creative.

Oh those opium poppies - I adore that color combination - if only I lived closer I'd be begging you for some seeds!

I've just red one of your previous posts so I know you've arrived at your destination - that's good!

What a gorgeous giveaway - a piece of hand made art!

I'm taking part in the party too so I hope you will pop over and learn a little more about me too and enter my Giveaway - it's a vintage fabric and lace collage.


Lynne said...

I am happy to have met you a few months ago and to follow you. Plus I am happy you are following me and that we are learning about each other and our lives.

Happy coffee roasting and traveling in your RV . . . Your sea glass jewelry is very pretty. I hope you find more pieces during your sea travels.

Liz said...

Hi there Cindy....I'm a new blog follower. I love your sea glass designs. Beautiful.

I'm in the Grow Your Blog party many lovely blogs to look at. I'm glad you were able to join.

Liz (

Amy at love made my home said...

Hi Cindy, I am new to your blog, it is lovely and it looks as though you get up to lots of fun things! I will look forward to following you along and seeing what you get up to! xx

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Hi, Cindy, I'm Linda from and I found your site from the Grow Your Blog event. I really enjoyed reading through your post and enjoying all your lovely photos. The photos of blooms really lifted my spirits on this very snowy day here in my part of the world. Your sea glass jewelry is gorgeous and I'd love to be entered into your give away. I can be reached at my site or at craftygardener at xplornet dot com It has been nice browsing through your blog. I'll add you to my Bloglovin' list to keep up with all your latest adventures. Thanks for visiting my site.

Donna said...

Love all the photos especially the red poppies!!! Gorgeous!!

Diana Petrillo said...

Hi Cindy! Thanks for visiting (and following) me at Adirondack Girl @ Heart. You are so we right--we do have a lot in common! Scrapbooking, photography, a love of old barns, and I love sea glass too! I've tried my hand at wire-wrapping, but I think I need a class or two. I'd love to enter your contest--your jewelry is GORGEOUS. I hope you'll be contact the winner, yes? As I will surely contact you if you are me winner :) Blessings, Diana

EG CameraGirl said...

I really like the photo of the house (?) with peeling paint. Nice! If I love P.E.I but haven't been there for many years. You are making me want to visit again!

walkthewheel said...

Thank you so much for sharing your life and your adventures here on this page and as part of GYB. It is inspiring to hear how happy your hobbies and work make you and your artistic talent is a joy to observe.

I hope you're having a great time RV-ing!

Keli x

Jerralea said...

My, Cindy, what gorgeous photos! And your garden is so lovely, it would be great to "set a spell" there!

Love your "crockpots!"

Maddy said...

Don't have much time for photographing much more than sewing project over the last 4 years, but l use to enjoy long drives and coming across something l thought l needed to snap. Love your garden and pics, has inspired me to get back out there.

LittleHouseontheDairy said...

I had the chance to visit PEI a couple times as a child. It is a magic place. I have very good memories

asri wahyuningsih said...

Love your garden and your photograph and also your sea glass jewelry Cindy.

asri your newest follower

jeanga6 said...

Oh Cindy, what fun! Wow, PEI... Tomorrow night I am attending a master chef night with friends. the theme is Islands. We choose an Island and we bring tapa sized food selections. One hot savory, one cold savory and one dessert. Before seeing your blog, I choose PEI. I am making lobster rolls, Potato scones and butter tart pan squares. I have been twice. Once as a child and than again right before we moved to France 6 years ago. Enjoy your RV! I am following you on bloglovin. Jean from French Oddities.

Renee said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! Your photographs are all so lovely. Your wire wrapped seaglass projects are gorgeous! Hugs, Renee

Jen Ham said...

Your garden is just amazing! xoxo Jen

Dawn Williams said...

Hi Cindi. It's so nice to meet you. I love gardening and appreciate anyone who does it well. I hope to someday be a really good gardener. Thanks for your kind words on my blog and for joining!!! i will definitely be following you Your blog is wonderful. someday. The area you live in is beautiful and hopefully someday me and my husband may get to visit. I have friends who have and they fell in love with it. I'll be back!

Dawn Williams said...

Forgot to say your jewelry and pendants are gorgeous!!

Jackie said...

Oh My what a wonderful place to live! Being a pisces, I love the sea glass! Your photos are amazing, i have yet to travel to the east coast but hopefully one day! Your tea parties sound grand! I am going to try to make the pear bread recipe you posted, wish me luck!

BluMoon said...

Hello Cindy, thank you so much for visiting me, it is so nice to meet you. I enjoyed reading your blog and have spent some time at your wonderful web site, the tea shop and B&B! My parents had a farm many years ago and used to do B&B also evening meal at times. I would love to visit your part of the world. I loved Ann of Green Gables and read all the books as a young girl. I shall enjoy following you!

macmillanmarie said...

Hi, nice to meet you. What a lovely blog. I will definitely be back for more. Happy hopping!

LesleyAnn said...

Thank you for visiting Plum Hollow and for being a follower. I'm now a follower of your blog. Before I got to your giveaway paragraph, I couldn't stop looking at your jewelry. WOW! WOW! WOW! Stunning! I've not tried making jewelry but if I could make it like yours, I surely would. Just beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

KarmasJourney said...

Hi Cindy! Thank you again for stopping by my blog. You have such a lovely life. I love that you do sea glass work. :) I will definitely check out that shop. Have a great weekend!

~ Toni ~ said...

Your photographs and wire wrapped seaglass are beautiful. The little gem that I found today was your paperback book corsages. What a treasure these must have been. Thank you for visiting my blog, (Easy Street Ramblings). Have a wonderful day!

Gill said...

Hi Cindy
Great to meet you - I'm visiting from England!
I loved your photos and your sea glass jewellery is amazing!!

jackie vernon said...

Hi Cindy, I think we must be twins. I have always wanted to open a Tea Room, and your choice of landscape flowers, plants, the pond and even plants in shoes could be in my back yard.I am also a crafter and use shells and sea glass. I am so excited to find this blog and hope we will become fast friends. Please enter me in your giveaway. I am becoming a follower right now. Jackie

Vickie said...

What beautiful sea glass jewelry you make! I will happily follow your blog to see more creations, maybe get some inspiration for some of my own crafting (embroidery, sewing, crochet & knitting for now).

Carol Z said...

What a great post and so nice to meet you in Blogland. I had the privilege of visiting PEI seven years ago and so enjoyed it. I even have a bottle of sea glass I keep in my entryway shelf. And, yes, I'm an Anne of Green Gables fan! Sincerely, your newest follower

dcargill said...

I live in the panhandle of Texas. I have always wanted a piece of sea glass.

Denise said...

Oh For crying in the bucket---I love it ALL

Carolyn said...

Thanks for visting my blog,

Haven't been to your part of Canada but from the pictures I can see it is very beautiful.

Would love to win one of your seaglass creations.


annmarie said...

We live in Northern Wisconsin but spend a lot of our summer on the shores of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Our favorite pass time there is looking for sea glass or mermaid's tears as some call it. Your work is gorgeous and your blog is wonderful. Gonna follow you to see more!

Kathy H said...

The pictures of your garden are beautiful. How restful to have a place like that to enjoy. Your jewelry is gorgeous too. I am a new follower on google friends and look forward to reading your posts.

Penny Arndt said...

Your garden and shore pictures are beautiful! I would love to see them in person sometime.
Your sea glass jewelry is beautiful-so frosty! I think the wire enhances the sea glass.

nicolesender said...

I enjoyed your photos. Your garden is awesome.

Deborah Montgomery said...

Visiting from the Grow Your Blog party. What a beautiful place to live! I've always dreamed of going to PEI after reading the Anne books. Hope to some day soon. Love your fairy garden and your sea glass, beautiful, and I've often thought I'd love a tea room, too. Deborah at

Patty Antle said...

I really enjoyed seeing your pictures and meeting you. Would love to win your beautiful sea glass.

Niky Sayers said...

Wow I love your blog, your photos are beautiful as is your garden and oh my your fairy park is so sweet! I seem to have amassed a large collection of sea glass too it's just so pretty, I am yet to use it in my jewellery tho! I have thoroughly enjoyed looking around your blog! Niky x

lynn cockrell said...

I am here with the GYB party and would like to thank you for signing up to follow Mimi Mine! It would have been a shame not meeting you and I am very glad to have done so. Your blog is great! Where do I begin?

Like your French gardener,I love a good cup of Joe in the AM, but it's Earl Grey for me in the afternoon. Your gardens are beautiful and I love fairy gardens. Your Fairy Park is too cute!

Your sea-glass creations are gorgeous! I have been combing every beach I visit, looking for even one piece of the beautiful stuff. Therefore, it amazes me that you have been able to find so many of those wonderful little treasures! How DO you find it?! Can you give me some tips, please?

I'm looking forward to reading more of your great posts! Have a beautiful and blessed weekend.

Louise said...

:0) Wow! what beautiful photos. I of course read and re-read Anne of Green Gables, and watched some of the many made for TV movies and mini-series. So I'm fascinated with PEI. I'm hopping from GYB Party. Have a great day!

jan said...

Hi Cindy,
It is so nice to meet you. I really enjoyed your post. I too take enjoyment out of the simple things and I am in forever search of the ever elusive photograph. PEI sounds lovely. I live in North Georgia on a farm and blog at
I am having two surprise giveaways on my blog. I can't wait see what you write about next! I am a new follower. xo Jan PS I Love Anne of Green Gables :)

Anitha said...

Hi Cindy, You have a lovely blog and I'm glad I stopped by yours:) your flower garden looks so beautiful and you are a wonderful photographer! The seaglass jewels are so good.. Looking forward to read more of your posts.. Hugs:)

Arianna M. said...

Hi, Cindy! I'm visiting from the GYB party. Your wire-wrapping work is beautiful! I love the sea glass.

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Cindy, your blog is a breath of fresh air :) As far as I can see, you are living your dream! We are so blessed to live in the Maritimes :)

Cache-Mire said...

Your sea glass jewelry is amazing! We have much in common. I just visited Nova Scotia and got to walk on the beach at the Hopewell rocks. What an awesome place. I am looking forward to getting to know you better. Your newest follower, Terri

Janice Petty said...

Greetings Cindy! Thank you so much for stopping by and your lovely comments! Your blog and photos are simply outstanding! Blessings, Jan

Tina said...

Hi Cindy, I'm visiting late with the GYBparty, from Germany. Love your blog, your pictures are beautiful and your craft is amazing! You've got a new follower!

Tricia said...

I took a look across many of your post and love what I see. Between your jewerly and your photos alone are such great reasons to visit. Add in tea and recipes & Oh MY!! This is one person who is following for sure!! Thank You so much for being a part of the GYB hop and your generous offering us the chance to win one of your beauty's.

creations.1 said...

Hi Cindy - a really lovely blog - I am now a follower. Your garden is wonderful, and your seaglass jewellery is WOW!!

Carol D. said...

Visiting from the GYB party. You are such a talented lady and I am now a new follower. I visited PEI many years ago and loved it. Would love to come back some day.

Michele T said...

Our family visited PEI twice to camp on a vacation - we loved it so much!! I will return again!! Thanks for sharing in the hop!!