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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bringing in the New Year

Another year has closed and it has been one to remember.
 I won't go through the 40 or so reasons, why but I'll share a couple.

One of the Best!

Our little tea room "Grandma's Afternoon Tea Room"  has been honoured 
by Chatelaine 
as one of the

Congratulations have been pouring in on FacebookTwitter and my email.

Chatelaine did a wonderful job mentioning us.
CBC did a live stream radio and print interview.
 East Coast Kitchen Party did up a very nice live interview. 
MSN News wrote up an article.
Joy of Organizing wrote us into their newsletter.

And if that wasn't enough for surprises I woke up yesterday and found out that
 Charlottetown, PEI 
has been chosen 

Watch the video Tourism has on More Reasons to Visit PEI

Thank you, to all who have mentioned so many kind words, thank you to my family for their support, my blog world for their kindness and to the news world for their coverage. 

Grandma is hanging up her apron for a couple of months as she visits her grand-babies in North Carolina. We will be on route as of Jan 6th, living an RV life and hooking up to intermittent Wi-Fi along the way.  I hope to stay connected as much as possible.  

~oo~ oh and Grandma picks up her new glasses on Friday! wooohoooo 
~oo~ Grandma


Pamela Gordon said...

Wow, Cindy, that's wonderful that you are getting all the coverage for your tea room! Congratulations!! Also, so nice that Charlottetown was recognized as the best place to visit in Canada. Guess I'll have to get over there again really soon! I know you'll have a fun vacation and will keep in touch with you while you're away. Blessings to you both for safe travels. Take care. Hugs, Pam

kitty said...

Oh Cindy,
What wonderful news and congratulations to you. Happy 2014 and enjoy your time in the RV and visiting with your grands. xo

Lynne said...

I will go back and look at the articles/links right now.

Enjoy safe travels and the North Carolina "grands!"