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Friday, December 6, 2013

Jingle Bell Banister

On Wednesday this week we are having a cookie exchange. I've asked 11 others to bake 11 dozen cookies/fudge/sweets/cake/preserves/maple syrup or whatever they with to share with other friends at this time of year.  
We will meet here at 7pm and have coffee/tea/apple cider and some surprises then exchange treats.

I hoping this will help out with busy moms at this time of year.  I want to have some decorating done so last night I strung some jingle bells onto the banister, I hope you like them.

I added a few more decorations to the tree and a couple of candy canes. 
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

I'm making snowmen cookies for the Cookie Exchange, shhhhhhh it is a surprise.
I also made 12 snowmen from branches in our backyard.  I'd love to do a blog called "Backyard Art"
I've found so many things to craft with the grape vines, kiwi branches, raspberry bushes, grape leaves, and honeysuckle twigs. 

Tree Branch Snowman

Memory:  When I visited Grandma Stephens at this time of year she always had a bowl of Pink Popcorn sitting out on the coffee table just waiting for little hands.

Tradition:  Mom always stuffed the stockings, purchased the gifts, and took care of wrapping and all.  Every year our stockings would be hung and dad would run and get a pair of her nylons so Santa could fill his the most.  And every Christmas morning we would enjoy the stockings most of all, we always had the largest orange with thick peel stuffed in the toe and Dad's stocking had odds and ends from the junk drawer in the kitchen and rocks and one present with a note for him to remember to be giving at Christmas, the present was a dog bone for our little "Tiny" girl. I think it was moms way of Christmas fun.

Song:  Mom loved two things most... one was Anne Murray's Silver Bells and the other was Carling O'Keefe's "Trilight." I can close my eyes and hear her voice just singing the same lyrics over and over, Silver Bells, Silver Bells, Silver Bells, Silver Bells. 

Childhood Memories: During this time of year as a kid growing up we always got excited to see Christmas programs on our black and white tv.  One of my favourites was "Frosty The Snowman" and every time it played on the tv I always cried when Frosty melted, I was heart broken. 

Looks like we got a bit of snow while I was busy building snowmen inside....I could have been building outside.

Snow Crocks

Snow Bench

Snow Pond

Snow Windows

Snow Pump

Snow Trees

and my favourite Snow Holly.

Memories are a joy to have, looking back on some of them can be painful as well as rewarding.  It is important that the memories we have set examples for who we want to become in this world.

I appreciate you coming by, let me know you have been by the Trails of Hats'N Hospitalitea.
xoxo Cindy


Ginny said...

Your snow pictures are beautiful!!! And the snowmen are so cute! I know the Anne Murray song well, but never heard Trilight. Your bannister and tree are so beautiful!!!

Jerralea said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas memories and snow pictures! Love your jingle bell bannister!

I'm glad you are back online and connecting with old friends.

Jerralea said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas memories and snow pictures! Love your jingle bell bannister!

I'm glad you are back online and connecting with old friends.

Snap said...

Oh, boy! Cookie exchange! What fun. Love the snow pictures -- so pretty especially for us who hardly ever see snow. Enjoyed your holiday memories. I seem to remember my Granny having popcorn, too. I don't think it was pink -- lucky you! Silver Bells, Silver Bells!

Pamela Gordon said...

What a beautiful post, Cindy. I love your wood round snowmen. So cute! The snowy pictures are beautiful. I enjoyed your memories of Christmas and remember that sweet pink popcorn too. I don't think I have an Anne Murray CD but her tape is probably around here somewhere. Have a great week.