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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December Note Card Party

Please join me in adventure as I look upon some beauty that  A Heaven for Vee is bringing us in her Note Card  Party.

The magic of Christmas is upon everyone at this time of year.  I watch as everyone rushes around, scooting here and there trying to get last minute shopping done.  I guess it doesn't help when we have had one storm after another and the reports are to stay off the road.  Then the day I do get to town it seems to be busy.  I could stay home and wrap today........but my blessed children got caught up on their wrapping at grandma's gift wrap station and the only paper I have in the house is scrapbook paper, lol. 

My Note Cards!

My snowmen turned out fantastic with the help of my woodworking elf. He cut slices of wood for me and I with the help of Pinterest was able to make tags for every one of the cookies in the Christmas Cookie Exchange. 

It has started snowing again, everything looks beautiful with all the fresh white snow surrounding us.

Glory follows disappointment sometimes...

Disappointment:  3 months ago I chose a pair of glasses in at Vogue optical.  I asked if I should purchase them and have them put on my file as they were a perfect fit and they looked great.  I was told it wasn't necessary that they are a popular frame and they would still have them in December (6th when I had my eye exam)  So I had my exam, my astigmatism has a big change and I got a prescription like I thought i would. Bless his soul, I've been seeing Dr. Stewart for years and just love that he is still with us.  Anyway I walked proudly next door to vogue and handed in my prescription (knowing this was going to be a short trip because the frames were on my file. Only to be told they are discontinued and I'd need to pick another pair. This could take me into the new year....I've been back several times.......Then Edith said with a smile on her face that she would try and get the discontinued frames.  Thank you! Edith. 

Glory:  Edith has located the frames I had on file, yes they are discontinued that means that the store has warranty policies and they can't warranty a discontinued pair of frames, but guess what in the 40 or so years I've never had a pair of glasses that needed to go back on warranteed, yes the lenses but not the frames..... Happy as a clam again, just can't get there to have a real look at them as the storm is upon us.  I hope they don't go missing.  

Christmas Blessings!
xoxo Cindy


Vee said...

Perfect! You did a wonderful job and used unique perspectives, too. The elf made me laugh!

Oh I hope that you are very content with your new glasses. That's a great turnaround from disappointment. (Perhaps you'll even give us a glimpse!)

Thank you for participating at this very busy time of year.

Vee said...

Wait a minute! I don't think I saw the snowman made from sapling disks last time. That is adorable! Course it uses three and I am very jealous of my disks just now having been told that there will be no more this year. Hmmm... thank you for sharing that!

Pamela Gordon said...

Great note cards Cindy. I love the snowy scenes and the elf in the snow is funny. That's really neat that you can still get the glasses frames you wanted! That's something I need to do in the new year. It will be 3 years in February so it's time.

Carol said...

Your snow scenes are gorgeous & the elf in the snow is super cute!


kitty said...

What great notecards, Cindy! I love the elf in the snow!! Your "elf" did a wonderful job on the snowmen. xo

Poppy said...

Spectacular note cards, Cindy! I love all the snow piled high and heavy on the branches, of both coniferous and deciduous trees! So magical!

Merry Christmas!


Ginny said...

Wow, what a frame story!!! I can't wait to see them and would love to see you in both your old and new glasses! I love your cards, your first two pictures, so cute and very beautiful! My astigmatism is so bad that it is rare. And after all my life in glasses, I have gone mostly blind in one eye and will be getting cataract surgery in a couple weeks. They finally have new implant lenses called Toric so after my surgery, I may not need glasses anymore! Just fund this out after I bought TWO new pair of glasses the month before!!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Sweet note cards Cindy, and your snowmen tags are a cute addition to some homemade cookies.
The glasses, well, when a woman sets her mind to wanting something...glad you can get the frames you want after all.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I sure wish I was there to save the pixie from the cold! Oh, how I love them! Pretty photos for your note cards! Love them all! Holiday hugs from Florida!

ellen b said...

Oh my you really do live in a Winter wonderland. That's great that things worked out for your glasses!!
Merry Christmas!

Linda H said...

Great photos for your notecards! Love the elf and those snowy scenes are so beautiful!
Good Luck with the new glasses!
Merry Christmas!

Lynne said...

Love the snow scenes, would make perfect note cards. I like the little snow elf too!
Happy you'll be able to get the frames. Show and Tell?

weekend et coup de brosse said...

Superbes photos , le bug est terminé et enfin j'ai pu m'inscrire.
Très joli post! je te souhaite aussi de très belles fêtes de fin d'année !
Belle journée à toi, et merci de tes visites sur mes pages!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Very nice! The elf is cute, and I love your snowmen! Very clever!


Snap said...

Goodness ... so glad it worked out to get those frames. Loved your winter wonderland photos and I laughed at the elf. I'm sure the cookie exchange was a big success -- great snowman! Merry Christmas.

Beth said...

Cindy, I adore your handmade tags! Your snowy scene notecards are just perfect for this time of year. My favorite is the second one. Our snow melted, but we are expecting more. Don't know whether to :) or :(

Merry Christmas!

Pearl Maple said...

Christmas blessings to you too, had a delightful read of your blog post this afternoon with so many fun and creative things happening