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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Door Wreaths

Windy, raining, and dark early... but I headed out for my walk anyway.  I got caught up in making a door wreath and the time got away on me.  The French Gardener said he wasn't walking in the rain and he would make fresh coffee for when I got back, so off I went.

Here is a peek at my door wreath

Memories:  Each year mom would get a ham for Christmas along with a turkey and bake the ham.  She always cut the ends off the ham and I never got the opportunity to ask her why.  I figured it was to let flavour in, keep it juicy or it was so the ham would stay tender.  So each time I cook a ham I cut the ends off of it.  My brother was visiting and asked me why I cut the ends off, so I told him because mom did.  He told me she had a small roasting pan that she always cooked the ham in and cut the ends off so it would fit in the pan. 

Christmas Song: Jingle Bell Rock sung by Bill Haley and the Comets.  Walking through the stores this week I'm hearing Christmas song after Christmas song playing over and over.  You think the cashiers would be tired of this, lol.  

Tradition:  Elf on the Shelf.... ours moved about the house they didn't stay on the shelf.  The full month of December, they watched as my brother and I moved about.  Never could we ever do anything wrong the during the month or the Elves would take the news back to Santa.  Do you have an Elf on the Shelf?  I see they have them at Bed Bath and Beyond.  There is a story of Elf on the Shelf and a movie Elf. Our Elves names were Crako and Blinko, and oh gosh they were all over the house.

Christmas Wish:  This one is simple.  First I will almost always have a Christmas Wish of everyone being safe for the holidays, and that I never hear of drinking and driving again.  But this year on my Christmas Wish List I'l like to include something from my past that has been gone for a long time and just come back..... McIntosh's Toffee Bar, yup Kay's bros.  has the bars and in case The French Gardener doesn't read my blog someone should let him know on Facebook.  

Enjoy your day today, Christmas Cards need to get finished and Ana will be here with me today, 
I'm blessed.

xoxo Grandma  ~oo~


Pamela Gordon said...

That is so funny about your mother cutting the ends off of the ham. Good thing your brother filled you in. I used to love McIntosh's Toffee when I was a kid but after pulling out a filling or too I had to avoid it. It is the very best though. They used to make McIntosh Toffee flavoured hot chocolate (minus the chocolate) a while back. It was very good too. I have seen lots of Elf on the Shelf in stores and on blogs this year. Never had it and don't know the story at all but elves were very popular in the 50's at Christmas. There are a few in the attic. lol My late mother-in-law made a pixie that looks like an elf sort of. It's sitting under our tree. Great post Cindy!

Ginny said...

Your wreath is full and gorgeous!!! Would you believe that I never heard of the Elf until about five years ago? It seems there were never any in the stores until then.

Karen said...

Hi Cindy,
I love McIntosh's toffee too. I haven't seen it or a long time. Thank you for visiting me. Have a wonderful week! Karen