Some wee little things in Grandma's Afternoons

Friday, November 1, 2013

Fabulous Finds

Taking the New Brunswick trails and finding fun along the way.


a 12 x 12 paper cutter, perfect for the scrapbooker in me.

Visiting the sea caves in St. Martins

To finding bigs

To finding shops in St. Andrews with 

A fabulous small find for the day.  A personal veggie plate with crazy dragonflies.

We are enjoying the sights and sounds.  Amazing enough the phone hasn't rang since we left home, hum, I have to wonder if I forwarded the phone correctly, lol. Oh well.

Today we visited a special spot close to our heart this year.  The Gangon Chocolate Factory (pictures are being developed and dipped in chocolate as we speak)

Enjoying the smalls in life,

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Ginny said...

I love the mural on the side of the building. And that huge cello!!! But the plate with the bugs on it would give me the creeps! I have seen a plate with ants on it and snapped it, but too creepy to eat off of! Hope you have a great weekend!!!