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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mini Fairy Gardens

Tourism has quieted down and it seems our little Island has returned to normal.  It isn't as fun playing license plate games when most of the plates in the parking lots are PEI plates.  However, this gives me time away from the Bed and Breakfast and Tea Room and I get to enjoy a little down time.

There was one big job that had to get out of the way first and that was the deadline for the book listing in the Prince Edward Island, Tourism Visitor's Guide for the 2014 season.  My French Gardener was eager to proof read the listing and in a hurry to point out that I shouldn't use the word magical when talking about the garden because "there isn't much magical about the garden."  I laughed and said I'd get right at it.

The gardens will be a magical little space to explore with a number of these mini fairy gardens.

A little magic, joy and not to mention a spot for the Fairies to come and visit.

The sand tells a story, perhaps a fairy has been by or was it my grandchildren moving the furniture?

The Fairy Park was completed after the swing arrived. 

The French Gardener believes I'm trying to attract tourists to the gardens and tea room next year but I am really trying to attract Fairies as I've read they are good luck. Either way, I think I've returned to my childhood, playing and imagining with these little mini gardens.  I had to laugh, I headed out to the garden with a spray bottle telling the French Gardener I had it covered, I'd water the mini gardens for him.

This week I've added a little magic.

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Ginny said...

This is just wonderful! Perhaps you saw the fairy house I posted a few weeks ago? I hope the weather will continue to be good so they will stay just like this. Did you make the little swing from shells? It is wonderful, and you have marvelous and magical ideas. I love the little fence, too. Your grandchildren must have a ball at your place