Some wee little things in Grandma's Afternoons

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm feeling like a Queen Bee

Busy busy busy

The gardens are starting to come alive with crocus, daffodils, and the snow drops are almost gone.

The bees have started working in the garden alone with me.  I don't mind sharing the space with them as long as I'm not in their way we work well together.  

I'm noticing a great deal of my tulips are up and they are all leaf and not much flower and I'm concerned that I should have divided them long before now. Perhaps I'll get to it this year and mark them and divide them for better flowering next year.

I'll watch yet for the flowers to come.

It has been a bit nippy and drizzly over the past couple of days, so I moved inside to finish up a couple of renovations we were doing to one of the Bed and Breakfast Rooms.  Yes, finally I've decorated a,

Seaglass Room

Little dishes about the room, seaglass on the mirror and soon I'll have a seaglass headboard.

Sea Glass Mirror

One of my wire wrapped creations in a shadow box on display.

Well my little tea break is over it is back to the garden for me, busy with my little friend the bee. 
Hope you'll bee enjoying your lovely week now that the weather is getting warmer.  The end of April has crept up on me so fast. 

Wishing a Happy May everyday, Cindy

Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Little Spring in My Garden

After what seemed like a very long Winter I'm seeing signs of Spring in my garden.
Grandma's Tea Room opened the doors and let a bit of Spring time in the other day. 
We will open for Tea around May 1st. 
However we got the opportunity to test a few of our new recipes out when Kelti from the Aloha Tourist Home stopped by with a few of her guests for tea. 
A lovely time was had by all and the new truffle recipe was a hit.
View it here from The Trails of Hats'N Hospitalitea
~OO~  Grandma