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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Rainbow in my Garden

Yes, yes, yes….I have been away from my keyboard, you’ll be glad to hear that I’ve spent my time away wisely, truly, I have been playing in the dirt about my garden.  a place to sit in the garden Not playing as much as I’d like, others haven’t noticed as I try to keep it hidden but my strength an will hasn’t joined up with the rests of me.  I find a stroll about the garden weakens me at the knees. My French Gardener has recognized the signs and without mention has strategically placed sitting spots every 5 feet or so. I have to wonder sometimes if my French Gardener takes amusement and small pleasures in watching my weak moments, “fiddlesticks,” he’s kind and so considerate I shouldn’t have mentioned a thing.
   These days of Spring I find myself walking about the perennials  
mini grape hyacinthand every so often I have to bend to nip at a weed here and there. While pondering yesterday I seemed to be focused on new bulbs and I could barely imagine the strength a bulb has by the amount of pressure and force taken for a single shoot to move that much earth to push itself from deep underground.  
new shoots of spring  Last year the garden suffered neglect in the deepest way. Sometimes we busy ourselves so much with life we forget the small important things around us daily that bring us pleasure like a garden. I’m not able to keep up with all the non-sense and puttering about that a garden needs attending to and I’ll be the first to admit such a thing, besides I’d rather sit and watch the garden grow than to break a nail and have to repair it.
 I’ve come to my senses and decided to hire more help.    I was looking for a person to pick up the slack, a helper for my French Gardener. I needed someone who was well spoken, mature in life and light in appearance – after all I’ll have to keep an eye on him at first.  
I put an add for odd jobs out and it returned an extra pair of hands.  I liked his resume, you could say he has a nice pair of hands. I don’t know what made his resume stand out from others, perhaps it was the fact that in a previous job he stated being a Driver and Butler  for a well to be up Montreal way.  He included her last name as a reference and she had been of the Glastonbury’s of  Westmount, Quebec. “Glastonbury” I’d not seen that name written in awhile, I believe it was on the gravestone of my great auntie I’d last laid eyes on the name.  Anyway, I’d not call in a reference in the event the person on the other end of the phone was a bitter old nip like myself.  
After two days the extra pair of hands although soft and supple has busied himself well. Proved to be strong, hard working and somewhat of a pleasure to be around. I’m convinced of his abilities and at times I seemed to get the impression he will work well with my French Gardener.Garden flower Primrose
I ventured the garden to capture a few photos of flowers, or was that my excuse to watch the two men work?     While clicking pictures my new man smashed his finger between to heavy rocks and I heard a whisper of Dutch coming from the edge of the primrose. “Hum! a Dutch Butler” yes, he will do fine; though he has a womanliness side to him, appearance and  behaviors that I just may have to control… He will be the grace and glory of a Rainbow in my Garden.
Today all work has to cease and desist, it is raining and therefore my camera won’t be in the garden nor my eye candy.  The weather will sharpen, there is a lot of Summer yet to come. 

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Two Cottages And Tea said...

Hi Cynthia,
Sorry to hear your having trouble keeping up the garden. Its great you can find good help and there comes a time when you deserve to sit back and enjoy all the beauty you made. I love your sense of humor through all of this! We certainlly need that as we get older! Anyway, I'm glad you posted again.
Happy Spring to you,