Going to Grandma’s House for Tea
…to most people
Grandma's Tea Room
means following the path of teapots towards the tea room, walking through the perennial gardens past the Koi pond and onto the great room where we put on hats and sip tea at Grandma’s Afternoon Tea Room.
…but to these 4 girls
webcam tea party
the girls and I have a tea partygoing to grandma’s house for tea means sitting in their North Carolina home on the webcam and watching grandma in her hat. The girls poured sweet tea into little china cups while grandma entertains the idea of their webcam tea party.  
…is it any wonder I don’t get any work done?
I love and miss you girls…  love grandma ~OO~
Thank you for joining me in my afternoon Tea Time Tuesday. I joined up with Sandi over at Rose Chintz Cottage where friends gather for tea.  
Thank you Sandi for this tea opportunity.